Possession: A Romance Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

A.S. Byatt
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Chapter 1

• Roland is in the London Library Reading Room studying Ash's Vico, when he discovers two unfinished versions of a letter to an unnamed woman.
• Roland steals the letters and takes them with him out of the library.

Chapter 2

• Roland keeps the letters secret from his girlfriend Val with whom he has a relationship strained by poverty.

Chapter 3

• Roland discovers that the unnamed woman is Christabel LaMotte and that the expert on LaMotte is Dr. Maud Bailey at Lincoln University.

Chapter 4

• Roland meets Maud, tells her about the letters, and plans to go to Seal Court, Christabel's former home, to investigate.

Chapter 5

• At Seal Court, Maud correctly interprets one of Christabel's poems to find a box full of letters between Ash and Christabel.

Chapter 6

• Professor Cropper illicitly photographs some letters of Ash's that he's trying to buy, thinks about his wealthy, possession-driven life, and asks Beatrice Nest to...

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