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Donna Cross
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Short Answer Questions

1. What medical condition does Joan learn she has after the flood?

2. Whose army arrives to save the people of Rome from the Saracens?

3. What nationality is the new Bishop the Pope has appointed that causes outrage from Magister Militum Daniel?

4. How do Joan's actions impede the power of the Pope's missus?

5. Who restores Anastasius' Cardinal rank to him after his excommunication by Pope Leo?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Gerold and Joan become stranded together in a boat?

2. Why is Joan arrested? What is her punishment?

3. Why does Pope Leo excommunicate Anastasius?

4. What warning does Joan give Pope Sergius in the face of the Saracen attack that he does not heed?

5. What does Joan encourage Pope Sergius to do that makes Benedict unhappy?

6. Who is working behind the new Pope, Pope Sergius, in order to increase his own power?

7. What miracle does Joan create in order to stop the fighting between Pope Sergius and Lothar?

8. Who does Gerold support in the battle between the dead Emperor's three sons?

9. What project does Joan immediately give to Gerold to oversee as she becomes Pope?

10. Why does Joan finally agree to run away with Gerold?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why is Hrotrud forced to drown? What does this punishment say about religious beliefs in this time period? Why does Joan feel this punishment is illogical? Is Joan right? Why is Joan excited by the idea of applying logic to religion? Why has no one else ever attempted to apply logic to religion? Is it heretical to apply logic to religion? Is Joan religious? Does Joan believe in the Catholic Church? How does the reader come to understand Joan's feelings about her religion?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss these characters' relationships to one another and the impact of these relationships on other characters and the development of the plot. Use theme, symbolism, and metaphor in your discussion. Cite examples from the novel.

1. Joan and John

2. The Canon of Ingleheim and Gudrun

3. Matthew and Joan.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss one of the following in detail, discussing theme, symbolism, metaphor, or other literary techniques related to these situations. Cite examples from the novel.

1. Gudrun's Saxon beliefs and her desire to teach them to her daughter.

2. Joan's defiance in refusing to scrape the words from her book to appease her father.

3. Gudrun's warning that women should not place themselves in a position to rely on men and how it affects Joan's decisions as the plot develops.

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