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Donna Cross
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With whom does Joan fancy herself in love at the young age of thirteen?
(a) Anastasius.
(b) Gerold.
(c) The Bishop.
(d) Odo.

2. How does Joan cure a leper?
(a) She has learned magic through her tutor.
(b) The woman had a simple skin infection, not leprosy.
(c) She has special powers bestowed on her by God.
(d) The woman had a mild case.

3. What is Joan warned could happen to people who ask the wrong questions?
(a) Some who ask heretical questions have been stoned.
(b) Some who ask such questions have disappeared.
(c) She could be forced into an unwanted marriage.
(d) She could be forced to prove her faith by drowning.

4. Why is it an insult to her mother for Joan to be tutored by a Catholic teacher?
(a) Because her mother has taught her about Saxon gods, considered pagan by Catholics.
(b) Because her mother was not consulted before Joan began her studies.
(c) Because her mother should be her primary tutor.
(d) Because her mother is uneducated and does not understand what Joan has learned.

5. Who is Richild?
(a) Gerold's cold wife.
(b) Gerold's mother.
(c) Gerold's cousin.
(d) Gerold's daughter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gerold buy for Joan during their trip in Chapter 9?

2. What is the name of the school Joan would eventually attend?

3. What is a leper?

4. Who does Richild tell Joan is behind the arranged marriage?

5. What does a farrier do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Whose death leads Joan to discover that logic applied to religion makes sense? Why?

2. What person comes to visit the Canon of Ingleheim and what does he try to teach him about logic?

3. Who arranges a marriage for Joan? Who does Joan believe is behind this arranged marriage?

4. Who is the only person who knows Joan is a woman and how did he come to know this?

5. Who teaches Joan to read and write? Why do they keep this secret?

6. What does Anastasius witness as he waits to visit his Uncle Theodorus?

7. How does her friendship with Gerold continue Joan's education?

8. What does Joan notice at the home of the Bishop that she finds unusual?

9. How did Gudrun meet and marry the Canon of Ingleheim?

10. What event allows Joan to take on the persona of her brother and enter a monastery under his name?

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