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Donna Cross
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what reason does Matthew feel they should hide these lessons from their father?
(a) He would not approve.
(b) He would make fun of tiny Joan.
(c) He would be disappointed in Joan's inability to learn quickly.
(d) They want to surprise him.

2. What does Aesculapius promise Joan when he leaves?
(a) He will return for her.
(b) He will arrange for her to go to him.
(c) He will arrange for her to enter a better school.
(d) He will send another teacher to her.

3. Why is Joan beaten unconscious by her father at the end of Chapter 5?
(a) Joan refuses to scrape the words from the pages of her gift from Aesculapius.
(b) Joan refuses to read her gift from Aesculapius to her father.
(c) Joan refuses to allow her father to burn her gift from Aesculapius.
(d) Joan decides her father is too ignorant to explain the concepts in her gift from Aesculapius to her father.

4. Why is Judith, wife of Viscount Waifar, turned away from the church even though she has waited the normal thirty days?
(a) She has no money to pay a donation.
(b) She refuses to bow to the male churchgoers.
(c) She has committed a crime.
(d) She is considered unclean.

5. What type of questions is Joan advised not to ask in Chapter 9?
(a) Questions about the Bishop and his lover.
(b) Questions about Richild's behaviors.
(c) Questions about the life of Jesus.
(d) Heretical questions that question the basic tenents of their faith.

6. What threat does Richild use to convince the Bishop to go along with the wedding?
(a) To expose his illigitimate children.
(b) To expose his affair with Joan.
(c) To expose his paramours to the church council.
(d) To expose his inability to read Latin.

7. Who cares for Joan through her illness in Chapter 6?
(a) The Canon of Ingleheim.
(b) John.
(c) Gudrun.
(d) Gerold.

8. With whom is Joan to live while attending the school?
(a) Count Gerold of Villaris.
(b) Odo, the school teacher.
(c) The Bishop at his Palace.
(d) The Canon of Ingleheim.

9. What is Joan warned could happen to people who ask the wrong questions?
(a) She could be forced to prove her faith by drowning.
(b) She could be forced into an unwanted marriage.
(c) Some who ask such questions have disappeared.
(d) Some who ask heretical questions have been stoned.

10. Who does Joan miss the most now that she is away from home?
(a) Her brother.
(b) Her mother.
(c) Her friends.
(d) Her father.

11. What does Joan plan to do to avoid getting married?
(a) Enlist the Bishop's support.
(b) Go home to her mother.
(c) Run away with John.
(d) Request the help of the church council.

12. What does Richild intercept that tells her of Joan's plans?
(a) A letter to her mother.
(b) A letter to Gerold.
(c) A letter to her father.
(d) A letter to John.

13. What happens to John and the emissary as they walk in the woods in Chapter 6?
(a) They decide to run away.
(b) They attack an unarmed group of travelers.
(c) They are attacked by a brigand.
(d) They are attacked by Norsemen.

14. How does Joan end up traveling to Dorstadt?
(a) Joan convinces the Bishop's men that her parents want her to accompany her brother.
(b) Joan pretends to be John's servant.
(c) Joan flirts with the men and offers to marry one in exchange for going on the trip.
(d) Joan pretends to be John.

15. What punishment does Gottschalk receive for his desires regarding his stay at the monastery?
(a) A month of silence.
(b) A week of bread and water.
(c) A lashing that is so severe his ribs poke through his wounds.
(d) A bed of needles.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Joan meet who argues that logic does not threaten faith?

2. Who attacks the church during Joan's wedding?

3. By what name is Joan known?

4. How does Odo's behavior with Joan change, causing tensions in Chapter 9?

5. Who finds a passage in the law books that results in the church council overruling the abbot?

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