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Donna Cross
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 12-13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what office is Joan eventually elected?
(a) Archbishop.
(b) Pope.
(c) Emperor.
(d) Cardinal.

2. Why does Richild arrange a marriage for Joan?
(a) Because she believes Joan is in love with her future husband.
(b) To get her away from Gerold.
(c) She believes Joan needs more structure in her life.
(d) To get her away from the other children in the school.

3. Why is Joan beaten unconscious by her father at the end of Chapter 5?
(a) Joan refuses to read her gift from Aesculapius to her father.
(b) Joan refuses to scrape the words from the pages of her gift from Aesculapius.
(c) Joan decides her father is too ignorant to explain the concepts in her gift from Aesculapius to her father.
(d) Joan refuses to allow her father to burn her gift from Aesculapius.

4. Why has Hrotrud, the midwife, been put on trial?
(a) Hrotrud is accused of socery.
(b) Hrotrud is accused of heresy.
(c) Hrotrud is accused of infidelity.
(d) Hrotrud is accused of worshipping false gods.

5. How does Odo's behavior with Joan change, causing tensions in Chapter 9?
(a) Odo begins to ignore Joan, even when she has the correct answers to his questions.
(b) Odo begins to force himself sexually on Joan.
(c) Odo begins to physically abuse Joan.
(d) Odo begins to allow the other students to physically abuse Joan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to destroy the small village where Gudrun grew up?

2. What does Joan's father do when he sees her reading the book Aesculapius gave Joan?

3. What type of questions is Joan advised not to ask in Chapter 9?

4. Who attacks the church during Joan's wedding?

5. Why is Aesculapius fired from the schola?

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