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Donna Cross
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does their father blame for Matthew's death?
(a) Joan and his wife.
(b) John and God.
(c) Joan and John.
(d) His wife and John.

2. What type of books does Gerold begin giving Joan?
(a) Books on philosophy.
(b) Books on cooking and female ettiquette.
(c) Books that address issues outside of religion.
(d) Religious books.

3. What does Richild intercept that tells her of Joan's plans?
(a) A letter to Gerold.
(b) A letter to John.
(c) A letter to her mother.
(d) A letter to her father.

4. What happens during Anastasius' visit to the Roman Lateran Palace that he is forced to watch?
(a) The Roman Emperor is murdered by Norsemen.
(b) Theordorus is murdered by the papal militia.
(c) The Pope is murdered by his own advisers.
(d) The Lutheran Bishop is murdered by Christian soldiers.

5. What does Gerold buy for Joan during their trip in Chapter 9?
(a) Cotton candy.
(b) Blueprints to a hydraulic device.
(c) Blueprints to a motorized wagon.
(d) A new dress.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Gudrun tell her daughter that she went with the Christian missionaries, a group that included her current husband?

2. What type of questions is Joan advised not to ask in Chapter 9?

3. What threat does Richild use to convince the Bishop to go along with the wedding?

4. How will Joan's marriage affect John's status at Dorstadt?

5. Why is Joan beaten unconscious by her father at the end of Chapter 5?

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