Objects & Places from Pope Joan

Donna Cross
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This is the house of the Canon of Ingleheim.

Lateran Palace

This is the papal residence in Rome.


This is Joan's first school, outside of her home, where she and her brother John attend the bishops schola.


This is the estate of Count Gerold.


Another name for a chapel.


A screen behind the open back of a church altar.

St. Peter's Basilica

The Roman cathedral built in the honor of St. Peter, apostle of Jesus.


The territory dominated by the Franks which, when divided in half later, became France and Germany.


The district in Rome bordering Vatican City on the western banks of the Tiber River.

Schola Anglorum

The school in Rome for those of English descent, where Joan is admitted in Rome because of her father's English heritage.

Via Francegina

This is an ancient road built specifically for Europeans to...

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