Daily Lessons for Teaching Pope Joan

Donna Cross
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

Joan is the daughter of a Saxon woman and Catholic man. Joan's father is prejudiced against women and Saxons, creating a tense situation in the home. Discuss prejudice and its impact on its victims.


1) Class Discussion: Joan is the daughter of the Canon of Ingleheim and his Saxon wife. Discuss with students these separate religions and their belief systems. Discuss the differences in these beliefs and how the differences could cause tension in a marriage such as this. Discuss the Canon of Ingleheim's disdain of his wife's beliefs and his opinion that women are inferior to men. Will this opinion affect Joan as she grows up? How?

2) Group Work: Divide students into groups. Give each group a mainstay of either the Catholic Church or from Saxon beliefs, such as the Saxon belief in pagan rituals. Have each group research this belief and offer their...

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