Pope Joan Fun Activities

Donna Cross
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Diorama--St. Peter

Create a diorama of the pillaging of St. Peter's by the Saracens using a shoe box and any other materials desired. Be sure to keep all materials to scale.


Create a collage of one of the novel's themes, using newspaper, magazine, and Internet clippings of pictures that relate to the theme in some way.


Create a board game that involves the power struggle between Anastasius and Joan in their fight over the papacy.

Crossword Puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle that uses important terms and vocabulary words from the novel.

Report on Homer

Read about the philosopher Homer and discuss in a paper what Joan's attraction to his writings might have been and some of the things she might have learned from his writings.

Love Poem

Write a love poem as though written from Gerold to Joan that expresses his feelings for her.

Epic Poem

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