Pope Joan Character Descriptions

Donna Cross
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Joan of Ingleheim

This person broke gender barriers by becoming educated and eventually ascending the ranks of the church to become Pope.

Count Gerold of Villaris

This character is a knight who fights for Lothar, the emperor of Europe and other political leaders before being appointed to restore the aqueduct in Rome. This character is murdered by enemies of the Pope.

Canon of Ingleheim

This man held a position in the church and had strong opinions against the Saxons, of which his wife was one, and the education of female children. This character would eventually be fired from his job for his inability to remain celibate.

Gudrun and Matthew of Ingleheim

This character is a Saxon married to a Christian who abuses this character for his/her beliefs. This character is unusually close to a daughter.

This character is a mentor to an unusual female character who wishes...

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