Pope Joan Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Donna Cross
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Chapter 1

• Joan of Ingleheim is born to a Saxon mother and an English father, the Canon of Ingleheim.

• The Canon of Ingleheim believes his wife is a heathen and therefore treats her with disrespect.

• The Canon of Ingleheim is saddened to have a daughter who he believes is only good for child bearing.
• On the day of her arranged marriage, Joan and her party are attacked by Norseman. Joan escapes in her brother, John's, cloak.

• Joan pretends to be a man and joins a monastery and studies medicine as a monk.

• Joan becomes a great healer and is eventually elected Pope. Only a knight, Gerold, knows she is a woman.

• Joan dies from a miscarriage after Gerold is killed.

Chapters 2 - 3

• Joan's brother, Matthew, teaches Joan to read despite the fact that their father does not believe females should be educated.

• Joan is fascinated with Saint Catherine and...

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