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Short Answer Questions

1. What herb is known to cure all diseases?

2. The benefits in one's life should be written in what?

3. If a man got at least half of everything he wished for, what he would end up with would be ___________.

4. People tend to not realize the worth of something until it is what?

5. If a person is willing to be ____, he will be able to have whatever he wants.

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the creation of POOR RICHARD'S ALMANACK. When was it first created? What was its original purpose? Do you think Franklin was truly inspired to create the pamphlets or that he created them simply because he had the means to print them? When did the pamphlets evolve into books? How many pamphlets were there in total? How many books? How many revisions? Did the almanacks bring Franklin fame or fortune?

Essay Topic 2

Although Franklin was quite vocal about being honest, he also made it clear that one should not give away too much information about one's life, career, and debt. One should also avoid prying into the lives of friends and neighbors in the same area. Cite at least five proverbs in which Franklin makes this point. If one does share sensitive information, what can ensure that it will be kept? What kind of information do you think should be kept private? Who do you share secrets with most often?

Essay Topic 3

The first edition of Poor Richard's Almanack in the form of pamphlets appeared in 1732. Although many of the sayings still hold true today, much of the language no longer applies. This is due in part to the time in which the almanacks were written as well as a combination of the Queen's and King's language. Colloquialisms are another barrier the modern reader must overcome. Discuss the colloquialisms often used by Franklin, variations on spelling and how they may make meanings unclear or difficult for the modern American reader. How might some of the sayings be adapted for today? Would you use colloquialisms or avoid them?

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