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Short Answer Questions

1. Who becomes Stanislaw August, King of Poland?

2. Who was ordered to object at the reforms and the meeting of the Polish parliament?

3. What is the Polish parliament called?

4. Who is Lubonski sending two young men to visit?

5. Where do Cyprjan, Lukasz and Jan of the Beech Trees take position as they set up to defeat the Swedes?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the topic of discussion Feliks and Roman have at Lancut? What prediction do they make regarding the topic of discussion?

2. Explain how Vuldai becomes a member of the Ghengis Kahn's army.

3. When and where does the book open, and what special event begins the story?

4. Who is Lumbomirska and why is her character important in this story?

5. After the meeting in Chapter 1, who does Bukowski meet and what deal is arranged?

6. What is the purpose of Magistrate Cyperjan's banquet held at Castle Gorka? Why is the event held there?

7. What was the Polish government like in the thirteenth century and why?

8. What complaint do the farmers make at the beginning of the book?

9. What is the Polish reaction to the 1772 partition of Poland? Who has control of Bukowo?

10. Who is Catherine the Great and what is her plan for Poland?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Define rising action as an element of plot. Discuss in detail the rising action in the novel. How does the author present it? How does the rising action flow? How does the rising action add to the suspense of the story?

Essay Topic 2

Write a character description of Janko Buk. Is he a major character or minor one? Support your answer with specific evidence form the story and be sure to include definitions of major and minor character.

Essay Topic 3

Name and define the five types of conflict. Which conflict prevailed in this novel? Select a different type of conflict and explain how this story would have differed under that particular type of conflict.

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