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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9, pgs. 432-471.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who stops Poland's progress toward becoming a leading European nation?
(a) Musolini.
(b) Hitler.
(c) Stalin.
(d) Churchill.

2. Who flees when the Mongols approach Krakow?
(a) The duke.
(b) The prince.
(c) The bishop.
(d) The queen.

3. Who is the emperor of Vienna when Lubonski and his men arrive?
(a) Janko.
(b) Pietor.
(c) Leopold.
(d) Jan .

4. What kind of necklace does one of her Mniszech relatives place on Barbara to wear at the banquet?
(a) Gold and copper.
(b) A strand of pearls.
(c) One with diamonds and pearls.
(d) One with six amber beads.

5. Where is Castle Gorka located when Bukowo is under Austrian rule?
(a) France.
(b) Austria.
(c) Poland
(d) Russia.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who accompanies Bukowski when Lubonski sends him to Bukowo?

2. Who provides medical services to Christian soldiers?

3. In what year does the story begin?

4. Who buys a house in Warsaw but spends most of their time in Vienna?

5. What new staples were brought home to Poland a result of the war in Vienna?

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