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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, pgs. 138-184.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which Tartar dwarf becomes a fighter for Khan?
(a) Vuldai.
(b) Sleepy.
(c) Ivan.
(d) Zygmunt.

2. What kind of necklace does one of her Mniszech relatives place on Barbara to wear at the banquet?
(a) A strand of pearls.
(b) One with six amber beads.
(c) Gold and copper.
(d) One with diamonds and pearls.

3. In what year does the story begin?
(a) 1201.
(b) Unknown.
(c) 2001.
(d) 1981.

4. Who was Ghengis Khan certain to kill when he conquered a village?
(a) Everyone in the village.
(b) All the females of the village.
(c) The leaders of the village.
(d) All the boys of the village.

5. How does Ghengis Khan finally defeat the Tartars?
(a) He has all the adults killed.
(b) He marries into their head family.
(c) He tricks them into surrender.
(d) He has all the men killed.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Kahn's death, who is sent to conquer Poland, Hungary and Russia?

2. What name does Cyprjan when he stops using the name Gorka?

3. In what year does Hedwig inherit the Polish throne?

4. Who refuses to agree with the condemnation of Poland by signing a false document?

5. Who looted the tents in Vienna just before nightfall?

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