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Chapter 1, pgs. 3-23

• The book opens in the fall of 1981, in the small village of Bukowo. It is the home of Janko Buk, who is the leader of an agricultural policy protest movement.

• The Communist government agrees to hold discussions with the protesters in Bukowo because it is the location of the famous Bukowski palace where many Party dignitaries vacationed or met for meetings.

• The Communist Party officials, including Minister of Agriculture Szymon Bukowski, arrive at the palace.

• Janko Buk and three other farmers also arrive at the palace for the meetings.

• The meeting begins with Buk and Bykowski finding they have a common ancestor.

• The farmers explain their complaints. They receive low prices for their output and have to pay high prices for their inputs.

• The farmers claim the government system isn't functioning. They can't get the supplies they need and some of their output is rotting...

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