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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the god symbolize to the Egyptians?

2. With whom are the men discussing the poison?

3. What are the surnames of Daniels' two aunts?

4. On what day of the week did Davenheim disappear?

5. Where did Davenheim tell his wife he was going when he left home?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Poirot, Captain Hastings and Dr. Hawker arrive at Count Foscatini's place?

2. Where did the maid go when she left the room with the chambermaid inside?

3. How was the murder scene set up by the killer? What did the killer forget to do?

4. What was Poirot's conclusion about the theft and who committed the crime?

5. What is the crux of the case Poirot takes on in "The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb?"

6. Who approaches Poirot and Hastings while they are talking about peace negotiations? Who is the main character in the discussion?

7. What happens to cause the woman a great deal of emotional distress?

8. The two men ask Poirot to help find the Prime Minister who has been kidnapped. Where was the Prime Minister going when the kidnapping occurred? What was the original travel plan?

9. What is one of the first thoughts that crosses Poirot's mind while observing the hotel guests?

10. How do Poirot and Hastings learn about the official cause of the most recent victim? Who gave the men the news?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In "The Adventure of the Cheap Flat" Poirot must solve the case of the stolen naval papers from the United States government. Discuss the theft and how it might have been executed. Answer the following questions: What are naval papers and what might they contain? From which agency and location were the naval bonds stolen? How might a person get into a high security facility to steal important documents? How would they be smuggled out of the country? For what purpose were the bonds stolen? Who might have wanted the naval papers? What became of the papers in the end?

Essay Topic 2

Agatha Christie is fond of creating alter egos and false identities for her characters. From a writer's point of view, what would be the purpose of this technique? Is it possible for the reader to unravel the mystery using the clues given by Christie and Poirot? Explain. Create a detailed alter ego for yourself as it might appear in one of Christie's mysteries.

Essay Topic 3

In many mysteries, blackmail is a common theme. What is blackmail? How does blackmail compare to extortion? Give examples of each. In which ways was blackmail used throughout "Poirot Investigates?" How was Poirot able to uncover the scheme and who was behind it? What might have happened if Poirot had not been able to uncover the truth about the blackmail plot? List at least three examples of blackmail used throughout Christie's stories. Give details, purpose and resolution.

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