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Short Answer Questions

1. Who has become suspicious of the deaths and has hired Poirot to investigate the case?

2. Which is not among the group of people met by Poirot at Scotland Yard?

3. The Prime Minister was scheduled to drive to which location after leaving London?

4. During what major event did Poirot get involved in a mission to save the Prime Minister?

5. Poirot sent the would-be evidence from the couple's room to which location?

Short Essay Questions

1. What information does Poirot learn about Daniels? Which family members are included in the information?

2. What happens when Poirot, Captain Hastings and Dr. Hawker arrive at Count Foscatini's place?

3. Explain the occurrence that happened the night before the scheduled trip.

4. What is Poirot's theory on how the crime occurred? Who was responsible?

5. What is one of the first thoughts that crosses Poirot's mind while observing the hotel guests?

6. Poirot verifies the deaths with Dr. Ames, physician at the tomb's excavation. What were the causes of death?

7. What happens in the opening scene of the story? Who visits Poirot?

8. Who is the first couple Poirot and Hastings meet? The woman is the proud owner of what kind of items?

9. What is unusual about Poirot's initial thoughts on the case?

10. Who is the first alleged guest to be interviewed by Poirot? What happened?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In "The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb," five characters die due to unusual circumstances. Investigate how each person died, the cause behind the death, and the purpose. How would one be able to tell how the person died? Compare and contrast methods used during Poirot's time to modern science in which toxicology and other forensic methods are used to determine cause of death and types of poisons used.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout Agatha Christie's mysteries there are almost always staff members or servants of some kind. This is especially important in "The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan." Examine how servants played an important role in the lives of the characters as well as in the stories. Why does Christie use this method of introducing characters? Is the use of servants a part of every day life for this type of main characters or are they used to distract the reader? In murder mysteries servants are often used as scapegoats. Is this an accurate portrayal? What is required of the servants upon being employed? Is the employer's level of trust given automatically or does it have to be earned?

Essay Topic 3

In "The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb," Poirot is faced with four deaths at an excavation site, supposedly attributable to a curse on the tomb of King Men-her-Ra. Examine in detail the history of the cursed tombs and various related incidents. When was the first death that was allegedly credited to a curse? Where did it take place? Who was involved? What kinds of mishaps have occurred at the scene of various excavations throughout Egypt? How else could the incidents be explained? How many excavations have supposedly been cursed? Whose tombs were they? Explain the tombs in as much detail as possible along with their inhabitants and final outcome.

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