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Short Answer Questions

1. On what day of the week did Davenheim disappear?

2. What was the cause of death for the most recent victim?

3. Which character died from heart poisoning only two weeks later?

4. What kind of building is the Grand Metropolitan?

5. Poirot sent the would-be evidence from the couple's room to which location?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is the first couple Poirot and Hastings meet? The woman is the proud owner of what kind of items?

2. Who is the first alleged guest to be interviewed by Poirot? What happened?

3. Explain the occurrence that happened the night before the scheduled trip.

4. The case involves an incident at Davenheim's bank. What happened and what was taken?

5. What is one of the first thoughts that crosses Poirot's mind while observing the hotel guests?

6. What actually happened to the Prime Minister? Who was responsible?

7. In addition to needing to know the truth about her husband's death, what other reason does Lady Williard have for wanting answers?

8. What is the crux of the case Poirot takes on in "The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb?"

9. Poirot verifies the deaths with Dr. Ames, physician at the tomb's excavation. What were the causes of death?

10. What happens in the opening scene of the story? Who visits Poirot?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Captain Hastings is a staple in the stories contained in POIROT INVESTIGATES. What is the history of Captain Hastings? How does he know Poirot? In what capacity can Hastings call himself a captain? What is Hastings' profession? What benefit is there to having Hastings in the story from Christie's point of view? What benefit is there to having Hastings in the story from Poirot's point of view? Name and describe at least three instances where Hastings' presence was invaluable to Poirot. How might Poirot have solved the cases without the help of Hastings? Who else served in the same capacity as the captain?

Essay Topic 2

In "The Case of the Missing Will" Poirot must help Miss Marsh find a will that had been hidden by her uncle. If the will was not found, all of the uncle's money would go to charity rather than to Miss Marsh. There is a legal clause which makes this execution possible. Examine the process of making a will. What is the clause in the original will that would cause all of the money and property to go to charity if the new will was not found? What are Miss Marsh's legal rights in regards to both wills? What does it mean to contest a will? Who is in charge of drafting the will? Who were the witnesses? What leads Poirot to find the new will?

Essay Topic 3

Jewels are often used in mysteries as an item that is stolen. Explain why it is common for jewels to be the choice items for thieves. What types of jewels are most likely to be stolen and from whom? What jewels were stolen throughout "Poirot Investigates?" Were the jewels loose or were they set in some way? Which is the most common setting for loose jewels? How would a thief hide a jewel? How would one sell a stolen jewel? What is the most unusual jewel in the book? Why is it unusual?

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