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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Poirot go after he and Hastings leave the Grand Metropolitan?

2. Mr. Davenheim disappeared at what location?

3. Which is not among the group of people met by Poirot at Scotland Yard?

4. What does the god symbolize to the Egyptians?

5. Who was Bleibner's uncle?

Short Essay Questions

1. Captain Daniels had been found by the police. Where was Daniels and in what condition was the Captain?

2. How do Poirot and Hastings learn about the official cause of the most recent victim? Who gave the men the news?

3. What actions did Davenheim/Kellet take to keep the police and others from searching for him after the robbery?

4. What information does Poirot learn about Daniels? Which family members are included in the information?

5. What is one of the first thoughts that crosses Poirot's mind while observing the hotel guests?

6. What is the crux of the case Poirot takes on in "The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb?"

7. Who is the first couple Poirot and Hastings meet? The woman is the proud owner of what kind of items?

8. What happens to cause the woman a great deal of emotional distress?

9. What seems to be the most difficult part of the trip for Poirot?

10. Where did the maid go when she left the room with the chambermaid inside?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Poirot likes the idea of traveling but dislikes the actual traveling due to a delicate constitution. What does it mean to have a delicate constitution? What happens to Poirot when he travels? To what locations does Poirot often travel? Are the trips for business, pleasure or both? Who often travels with Poirot? What kinds of things might happen to Poirot while away from home? Is the problem psychosomatic or is it real? What are the symptoms? How could the symptoms be treated? Can this problem be prevented or cured? How might this problem be solved using modern medicine or methods?

Essay Topic 2

The author often uses foreshadowing as a way to give the reader clues to the mystery. More obvious clues are given to the reader by Poirot. Examine the use of foreshadowing and why it is an important tool in writing, particularly when it concerns mysteries. Give examples and other ways in which foreshadowing might be used to help the reader solve the crime.

Essay Topic 3

Miss Mary Marvell approaches Poirot with an unusual problem, claiming that there is a curse of sorts on her prized diamond. What is the name of the diamond and its companion piece? Discuss the so-called curse on the diamond. What is unusual about the diamond to begin with? To whom did the diamonds originally belong? What is supposed to be done with the diamonds in order to remove the curse? What is Poirot supposed to accomplish by investigating the case? How does Poirot solve the case?

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