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Short Answer Questions

1. From where were the documents stolen?

2. Poirot and the husband also meet two men at the hotel. Which agency did the two men represent?

3. When the man approached the group, what was on his face?

4. The woman asks for Poirot's help in finding stolen goods. What was stolen?

5. The story about the rook rifle took place in which country?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the purpose of Mary Marvell's visit to Poirot? What does the woman bring to show Poirot?

2. What happens when the police attempt to find the housekeeper? What is Poirot's conclusion?

3. Even though special precautions were taken, the bonds were stolen. What happened to the bonds?

4. What happens when Hastings and Havering reach Hunter's Lodge? What story is told to Hastings?

5. Who is the woman seen on the street by Poirot and his companion? Why is she known to Poirot?

6. Captain Hastings meets up with Poirot to find out that the detective is going on a case. What is the case?

7. Why is Poirot sent to investigate the rental of an unusually cheap flat?

8. What disturbing news does Poirot receive regarding a theft? Who is the main suspect?

9. Who finds out about the cheap flat? Who supplies the information? Who is it rented to? Where is it located?

10. At Marsdon Manor Poirot meets Captain Black, a friend of Mr. and Mrs. Maltraverse. What does Poirot learn from Captain Black in regards to Maltraverse's death?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Inspector Japp is always attempting to keep up with Poirot or even exceed the Belgian detective's crime solving skills. Unfortunately, Japp is always at least one step behind Poirot. Compare and contrast Inspector Japp and Hercule Poirot, their skill set, and successes in solving crimes.

Essay Topic 2

Personification is a powerful way to make objects come alive and play important parts in the story. For example, the diamonds in "The Adventure of the Western Star" are personified to make the story more interesting. Examine how this technique was used in this particular story. What was the purpose of using the technique in that way? In what other ways does Christie use personification? Give at least three examples of personification and how its use drives the plot of the story.

Essay Topic 3

Jewels are often used in mysteries as an item that is stolen. Explain why it is common for jewels to be the choice items for thieves. What types of jewels are most likely to be stolen and from whom? What jewels were stolen throughout "Poirot Investigates?" Were the jewels loose or were they set in some way? Which is the most common setting for loose jewels? How would a thief hide a jewel? How would one sell a stolen jewel? What is the most unusual jewel in the book? Why is it unusual?

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