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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the murdered person?

2. What distinguishing feature/possession did the alleged murderer have?

3. What kind of documents were stolen?

4. What supposedly killed the man?

5. Which member of the police is present to take the statement?

Short Essay Questions

1. What event causes an uproar during the dinner at Marsdon Manor? Who informs the diners of the disturbance?

2. What event traumatizes Mrs. Maltraverse? What happens shortly after the event takes place?

3. What happens when Hastings and Havering reach Hunter's Lodge? What story is told to Hastings?

4. What happens when the police attempt to find the housekeeper? What is Poirot's conclusion?

5. Who is the character that approaches Poirot and Hastings in the beginning of the story? How is the woman described?

6. What is the first step in investigating the case for Poirot and Hastings?

7. Why is Poirot sent to investigate the rental of an unusually cheap flat?

8. Who finds out about the cheap flat? Who supplies the information? Who is it rented to? Where is it located?

9. How did the goods originally come into Ridgeway's possession? Who turned the goods over to Ridgeway?

10. What was the point of the empty package? Who perpetrated the hoax?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In "The Adventure of the Cheap Flat" Poirot must solve the case of the stolen naval papers from the United States government. Discuss the theft and how it might have been executed. Answer the following questions: What are naval papers and what might they contain? From which agency and location were the naval bonds stolen? How might a person get into a high security facility to steal important documents? How would they be smuggled out of the country? For what purpose were the bonds stolen? Who might have wanted the naval papers? What became of the papers in the end?

Essay Topic 2

The author often uses foreshadowing as a way to give the reader clues to the mystery. More obvious clues are given to the reader by Poirot. Examine the use of foreshadowing and why it is an important tool in writing, particularly when it concerns mysteries. Give examples and other ways in which foreshadowing might be used to help the reader solve the crime.

Essay Topic 3

Scotland Yard plays a prominent part in the majority of Agatha Christie's mysteries. Choose one of the following activities in relation to Scotland Yard: Research and write a 1000 word essay on the history and purpose of Scotland Yard. Also include a list of some of the mysteries Scotland Yard appears in and how it played a part in the solving of the mystery. The second choice is to investigate at least five top cases investigated by Scotland Yard, the details, and how the specialized knowledge of the famed police force was used in solving the crimes.

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