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Short Answer Questions

1. Which inspector was the recipient of a letter from Poirot?

2. Karma played a hand when the murderers died at the end of the story. How did they die?

3. When the man approached the group, what was on his face?

4. Who sent the person to break into the cheap flat late at night?

5. What is the surname of the husband and wife in the story?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who finds out about the cheap flat? Who supplies the information? Who is it rented to? Where is it located?

2. Who visits Hastings in Poirot's absence? What is strange about the encounter?

3. At Marsdon Manor Poirot meets Captain Black, a friend of Mr. and Mrs. Maltraverse. What does Poirot learn from Captain Black in regards to Maltraverse's death?

4. What happens when Hastings and Havering reach Hunter's Lodge? What story is told to Hastings?

5. What strikes Poirot as peculiar regarding the new tenants?

6. What is the purpose of Mary Marvell's visit to Poirot? What does the woman bring to show Poirot?

7. What has the woman so upset about one of her possessions? What are the consequences if Marvell does not comply?

8. What about the doctor's statement struck Poirot as being odd? Who may have influenced the autopsy?

9. What item is in the possession of Lady Yardly and how does it relate to Miss Marvell's item?

10. Why is the new tenant anxious about moving into the cheap flat?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In "The Adventure of the Cheap Flat" Poirot must solve the case of the stolen naval papers from the United States government. Discuss the theft and how it might have been executed. Answer the following questions: What are naval papers and what might they contain? From which agency and location were the naval bonds stolen? How might a person get into a high security facility to steal important documents? How would they be smuggled out of the country? For what purpose were the bonds stolen? Who might have wanted the naval papers? What became of the papers in the end?

Essay Topic 2

In "The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb," five characters die due to unusual circumstances. Investigate how each person died, the cause behind the death, and the purpose. How would one be able to tell how the person died? Compare and contrast methods used during Poirot's time to modern science in which toxicology and other forensic methods are used to determine cause of death and types of poisons used.

Essay Topic 3

In "The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb," Poirot is faced with four deaths at an excavation site, supposedly attributable to a curse on the tomb of King Men-her-Ra. Examine in detail the history of the cursed tombs and various related incidents. When was the first death that was allegedly credited to a curse? Where did it take place? Who was involved? What kinds of mishaps have occurred at the scene of various excavations throughout Egypt? How else could the incidents be explained? How many excavations have supposedly been cursed? Whose tombs were they? Explain the tombs in as much detail as possible along with their inhabitants and final outcome.

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