Poirot Investigates Fun Activities

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Create Fake Jewels

Create a fake diamond like the one used in "The Adventure of the Western Star."

Create Your Own Royal Title

Create your own royal title, a la Lord and Lady Yardly. How would you make up a name? What would inspire you?

Create a Collage

Create a collage of pictures that remind you of characters in the stories. What makes the people look the part?

Read Agatha Christie

Choose at least one more of Agatha Christie's books or short stories to read for pleasure.

Watch Poirot on Film

Choose at least one of the Agatha Christie movies in which Poirot appears. Watch it to learn more about the detective.

Create a Disguise

Create a disguise that might be appropriate for a scene in "The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge." Refer to the disguise used by Zoe Havering.

Study the Great Pyramids

Study the Great Pyramids of...

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