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The Adventure of the 'Western Star'

• Poirot and Hastings are approached by Mary Marvell.

• Marvell is afraid of her diamond being stolen.

• Marvell has received threatening letters.
• The Yardleys own the companion diamond.

• Poirot meets Lord Yardley.

• Yardley is desperate for money.

• The diamond will be sold.
• The diamond vanishes.

• Poirot deducts that Rolf stole the diamond.

Tragedy at Marsdon Manor

• Poirot gets ready for a trip to investigate a death claim.

• The insured died just after buying life insurance.
• Poirot and Hastings travel to Marsdon Manor.

• Poirot meets with the doctor.

• Mrs. Maltraverse admits to killing her husband.
• Inspector Japp was waiting outside to arrest the woman.

• Poirot explains how he solved the case.

The Adventure of the Cheap Flat

• Poirot investigates a rental property.

• Poirot finds two spies trying to hide from the mafia.

• Flat is rented out by Mr. and Mrs. Robinson.
• Mrs. Robinson worries...

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