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Short Answer Questions

1. What are the ways Aristotle explains in regard to how poets differ in their representation of the object?

2. In order for a plot to be truly effective in achieving the desired emotional response from its readers or audience, Aristotle says that the poet must do what?

3. What two things does Aristotle require to be present in a well-written story?

4. What does Aristotle identify as the most essential element of tragedy?

5. In art, what does Aristotle believe to be the object?

Short Essay Questions

1. Aristotle demonstrates what type of metaphor when he uses the following as an example: Homer says that Odysseus accomplished "ten thousand deeds"?

2. As Aristotle teaches, why can the scale of a story told by epics be much greater than what is allowed by the format of tragedy?

3. Based on "Poetics" by Aristotle, explain how the effect of a sad plot will be magnified?

4. What type of recognition is considered by Aristotle to be superior to the others and why?

5. Does Aristotle believe that Homer's "Iliad" should be written in the format of a tragedy? Why or why not?

6. Concerning plot, what does Aristotle say a poet must always be sure to do?

7. What does Aristotle identify as the goal of tragedy?

8. Based on Aristotle's reasoning, what type of main character should a poet choose and why?

9. According to Aristotle, what is an example of a poor type of story and why?

10. Explain the ways according to Aristotle that poetry can have errors.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Based on Aristotle's "Poetics", how does poetry differ from history according to Aristotle? Why is poetry considered a higher pursuit than history to Aristotle? How does Aristotle define the "laws of probability and necessity"?

Essay Topic 2

Aristotle teaches that the plot device of recognition can be divided into several kinds.

1) What types of recognition exist in tragedy?

2) What is the most effective form of recognition and why?

3) What is the least effective form of recognition and why?

Essay Topic 3

The goal of tragedy, as explained by Aristotle, is to construct a plot that successfully inspires what in the spectator or reader? How should the actions depicted in the plot be chosen? How can the poet effectively inspire certain emotions to a great scale?

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