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Short Answer Questions

1. Aristotle defines poetic work as what?

2. In a tragedy, how does Aristotle say the element of surprise should come about?

3. The object poetry portrays is what, according to Aristotle?

4. Aristotle explains that the medium specific to poetry is one that uses what?

5. In the context of poetry and according to Aristotle's teachings, why is man naturally attracted to imitation?

Short Essay Questions

1. In order for a plot to be truly effective in achieving the desired emotional responses, Aristotle explains that the actions portrayed in it must be of a certain character. Explain.

2. Aristotle says that a skilled poet uses "poetic charm" when?

3. As for writing style, in between what two styles of writing does Aristotle say that a poet should find a balance?

4. List at least two things that Aristotle says a poet of a tragedy should always accomplish when depicting his characters.

5. Based on Aristotle's reasoning, what type of main character should a poet choose and why?

6. Based on Section I of Aristotle's "Poetics", how is the medium specific to poetry similar to and different from prose?

7. If the tragedy is to be performed, what does Aristotle say the poet should ensure and why?

8. How does Aristotle differentiate epic poetry from tragic poetry?

9. Explain the ways according to Aristotle that poetry can have errors.

10. According to Aristotle, what is an example of a poor type of story and why?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

When constructing the plot, Aristotle says that the poet ought to do what first and why? When should the poet begin to fill out the individual episodes and scenes of the story? Why is it important to construct the plot in this way?

Essay Topic 2

Choose one of the following to write about:

1) Discuss epic poetry and the ways in which it's similar to and different from tragic poetry, as Aristotle explains.

2) Explain "heroic" meter, when it's used and why it's important based on what you learned from "Poetics".

3) Discuss the essence of poetry and poetic charm through Aristotle's teachings.

4) Compare two forms of art: the more refined and the less refined. Explain why Aristotle prefers one to the other.

Essay Topic 3

Aristotle teaches that the plot device of recognition can be divided into several kinds.

1) What types of recognition exist in tragedy?

2) What is the most effective form of recognition and why?

3) What is the least effective form of recognition and why?

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