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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In a tragedy, how does Aristotle say the element of surprise should come about?
(a) Consistent with the principles of probability and necessity.
(b) Only after recognition has occurred.
(c) Gradually.
(d) Once the main character has demonstrated his worth and morals.

2. In art, what does Aristotle believe to be the object?
(a) Something solid.
(b) Usually an animal.
(c) Usually a person.
(d) What the art imitates.

3. What does Aristotle say about the element of surprise in a tragedy?
(a) It keeps the reader guessing and interested.
(b) It helps inspire joy.
(c) It helps inspire sadness.
(d) It helps inspire pity.

4. In depicting his main character, Aristotle says that the poet should always accomplish four things. Of the following, which is NOT one of these four things?
(a) The poet should make the main character good.
(b) The poet should make the main character perfect.
(c) The main character should be portrayed consistently.
(d) The goodness of the character should be appropriate.

5. In what three ways does Aristotle differentiate various art forms from one another?
(a) Era, objects, and manner of imitation.
(b) Manner of imitation, artist, and era.
(c) By the medium, objects, and manner of imitation.
(d) According to the artist, era, and artistic effort.

Short Answer Questions

1. The plot, as Aristotle explains, should be unified in such a way that each part should be what?

2. Aristotle says what type of poetry imitates the "lower" types of men?

3. Aristotle explains that tragedies should have what that other poems do not?

4. Aristotle says that storytelling with episodic plots is to be favored by whom?

5. Aristotle says that simply doing what well leaves a mediocre piece of art?

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