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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of action does Aristotle say occurs without "Recognition" or "Reversal of Situation"?
(a) Simple.
(b) Good.
(c) Incongruent.
(d) Sad.

2. In art, Aristotle defines the medium as what?
(a) A middle state or condition.
(b) The manner in which the art is produced.
(c) The artist's spiritual inspiration.
(d) The average.

3. Aristotle explains that a sign is one of four types of recognition. What is an example of recognition occurring through the use of a sign?
(a) A character's action is interrupted by what seems to be divine intervention.
(b) A character has a vivid dream.
(c) A character recognizes another by a certain scar or birthmark.
(d) A character receives a psychic reading.

4. Aristotle explains that the medium specific to poetry is one that uses what?
(a) Rhyme.
(b) Language alone.
(c) Words and pictures.
(d) Pictures.

5. Per Aristotle, the unity of plot is what to the unity of a character's actions?
(a) Irrelevant.
(b) Influential, but not important.
(c) Equivalent.
(d) Not equivalent, but often closely related.

Short Answer Questions

1. When one character realizes that another character has fewer morals than he once thought, what does Aristotle say is happening?

2. In addition to a sign, what is the second kind of recognition as identified by Aristotle?

3. What does Aristotle say about Homer's "Iliad"?

4. What does Aristotle identify as the foundation of good poetry writing?

5. Aristotle says that an action that is failed to be performed in a tragedy by the person who is aware of the circumstances is what?

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