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Essay Topic 1

Aristotle explains that poetry can have errors in two ways.

1) Explain these two types of errors.

2) Provide an example of each type of error.

Essay Topic 2

Aristotle teaches through "Poetics" that poets may use words metaphorically, and he explains that this is done in many ways.

1) Explain various ways in which a character uses words metaphorically.

2) Differentiate between various forms of metaphors.

3) Provide examples of how Aristotle says Homer's "Iliad" uses metaphors.

Essay Topic 3

Like any art, poetry is a kind of imitation, as Aristotle asserts. Aristotle differentiates arts from one another in three ways: medium, the objects, and the manner of imitation.

1) Define the three ways in which art is differentiated.

2) Compare poetry to prose.

3) Give an example of how poets may differ in how they represent the objects.

Essay Topic 4

Choose one of the three options to write about:

1) Explain why men are drawn...

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