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Homer - According to Aristotle, this person was not only one of the oldest poets, but also the model poet that all other poets should try to emulate.

Bad Poets - According to Aristotle, this group tailors poetry more towards being accepted by the uneducated masses and forgoes creating anything with true substance.

Megarians - These people claimed to have invented the poetic genre of comedy, though this claim is contested by many others.

Polygnotus - This person was a painter who is noted for depicting the characters of subjects well and, according to Aristotle, was the artistic counterpart to what a good poet ought to be.

Zeuxis - According to Aristotle, this artist's work was devoid of ethical quality and can be compared to poetry with one-dimensional and unrealistic characters.

Oedipus - Appearing in a certain famous tragic poem, this fictional character's story is a good...

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