Poet X Fun Activities

Elizabeth Acevedo
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Planning a Sequel

Imagine that Acevedo is planning to write a sequel to The Poet X. Write a short reflection discussing your predictions of what might happen in a sequel. Include the way in which the relationship between Xiomara and Mami evolves as Xiomara grows into an adult, and other elements you think would be covered in a sequel to the novel.

Act Out a Scene

Choose a short and poignant scene from the novel, such as the moment when Mami burns Xiomara’s precious journal. Prepare a script and act out the scene in a small group.

Reverse the Situation

Write a short story in which Xiomara is the one in the family who attends a “genius school,” while Xavier attends a Harlem public school.

Make a Celebrity Connection

Find a celebrity in the media who identifies as Latina and compare the celebrity’s comments about their...

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