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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 5, where is the cabin that Pnin is headed to located?

2. What is it about Victor that troubles his parents?

3. What is one of the chief attractions of the party at the cabin?

4. After everyone leaves Pnin's housewarming, what does he immediately begin to do?

5. What does Victor, the son of Liza Wind, fantasize about to escape the boredom of his everyday life at school?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is the host of the party at the cabin in Chapter 5?

2. Who is Al Cook's wife and why do they not have children?

3. What do Roza Shpolyanski and Pnin talk about at the party in Chapter 5?

4. What are the ages of the men and women who are at the party in comparison to Pnin?

5. Describe Victor's art teacher, Lake.

6. What happens to Pnin while traveling to the cabin in Chapter 5?

7. What has happened with Dr. Eric Wind and Liza in Chapter 4?

8. What does Pnin give to Victor during their first meeting?

9. Who is the artist that Pnin meets while going for a swim in the lake, and what does Pnin wish after meeting him?

10. Why does Liza decide to send Victor to school at St. Bartholomew's?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare Victor's relationship with his parents to his relationship with Pnin, examining the differences and similarities. What kind of parents are Dr. Wind and Liza? Does Pnin treat Victor as if he is his own son? How does Victor view Pnin compared to his parents? How does Dr. Wind feel about Pnin and Victor having a relationship?

Essay Topic 2

Description is the fiction-writing mode for creating a mental image of a story. Examine the use of description in "Pnin". How does the author use narration, dialogue, and imagery to bring his novel to life? What is the best example of the use of description from the novel "Pnin"?

Essay Topic 3

Analyze the character of Liza and her overall affect on Pnin's life. What kind of person is Liza? Did she truly ever love Pnin or was she always using him? Why can't Pnin see Liza for what she truly is? How does Pnin behave when he is around Liza? Is Liza a good influence on Pnin?

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