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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 4, who does Pnin now rent a house from?

2. At the party in Chapter 5, who is the other man, beside Pnin, that is also considered a youngster?

3. In Chapter 6, whom does Pnin invite over for a housewarming party?

4. In Chapter 5, whom does Pnin wish could have been there to meet the artist at the party?

5. Who runs the school that Victor attends?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why might Pnin's teaching position be in jeopardy at the college?

2. What happens to Pnin while traveling to the cabin in Chapter 5?

3. What are a few examples of what the students at Waindell College do at the beginning of every year?

4. Who are some of the people that Pnin invites to his housewarming party in Chapter 6?

5. What has happened with Dr. Eric Wind and Liza in Chapter 4?

6. Describe Victor's art teacher, Lake.

7. How popular are Pnin's classes and how stable is his teaching position?

8. Where is the cabin located that Pnin is headed to at beginning of Chapter 5, and why is he going there?

9. How do Dr. Wind and Liza feel about their son?

10. Why does Liza decide to send Victor to school at St. Bartholomew's?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare Victor's relationship with his parents to his relationship with Pnin, examining the differences and similarities. What kind of parents are Dr. Wind and Liza? Does Pnin treat Victor as if he is his own son? How does Victor view Pnin compared to his parents? How does Dr. Wind feel about Pnin and Victor having a relationship?

Essay Topic 2

Description is the fiction-writing mode for creating a mental image of a story. Examine the use of description in "Pnin". How does the author use narration, dialogue, and imagery to bring his novel to life? What is the best example of the use of description from the novel "Pnin"?

Essay Topic 3

In "Pnin", one of the writing styles that the author uses is his choice of narrator. Explore the different styles of narrators for fiction writing, particularly analyzing the third-person narratives used in "Pnin". How important is the narrator to the story? What are the different types of narrators? Why does the particular type of narrator that Vladimir Nabokov chose for "Pnin" such a good choice? When does the narrator reveal himself to the reader? What is so unique about this type of narrator? How?

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