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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of Chapter 6, what is Pnin worried that he broke while cleaning up after the housewarming party?
(a) His mother's priceless china.
(b) A goblet.
(c) A beautiful bowl that Victor sent him.
(d) A vase from his marriage to Liza.

2. At the party in Chapter 5, who is the other man, beside Pnin, that is also considered a youngster?
(a) Eric Wind.
(b) Laurence Clements.
(c) Professor Chateau.
(d) Oleg Komarov.

3. In Chapter 6, who will replace Pnin's friend as department head?
(a) Dr. Chateau.
(b) Dr. Falternfels.
(c) Dr. Kukolnikov.
(d) Dr. Hagen.

4. In Chapter 6, how soon before the party does Pnin begin preparing food and drinks?
(a) Hours before.
(b) A few minutes before.
(c) A day before.
(d) A week before.

5. When does Victor learn of Pnin's existence?
(a) Not until his parent's marriage has dissolved.
(b) He found a letter that Pnin had written his mother two years before.
(c) When he is a little boy.
(d) He found his mom and Pnin's wedding picture the year before.

6. In Chapter, Bolotov is also at the party. What is the name of his wife?
(a) Sophie.
(b) Alena.
(c) Tatyana.
(d) Varvara.

7. At the party in Chapter 5, who quickly changes the subject when Bolotov and Pnin begin to argue?
(a) Alena.
(b) Susan.
(c) Sophie.
(d) Varvara.

8. After everyone leaves Pnin's housewarming, what does he immediately begin to do?
(a) Vacuum.
(b) Take a bath.
(c) Call Victor.
(d) Wash dishes.

9. In Chapter 5, why does the artist who Pnin meets not being incredibly social?
(a) She is painting.
(b) He is trying to eat.
(c) He is painting.
(d) She is trying to eat.

10. In Chapter 6, where has Pnin's friend, who heads the department his job is attached to, accepted a new post at?
(a) Seaboard University.
(b) Waindell College.
(c) Samson University.
(d) Warsaw University.

11. What is the name of Pnin's friend who heads the department that Pnin's job is attached to?
(a) Professor Kukolnikov.
(b) Professor Chateau.
(c) Professor Hagen.
(d) Professor Clements.

12. At the party in Chapter 5, where does Pnin know the other man who is close to his age from?
(a) Warsaw University.
(b) The University of Prague.
(c) Paris University.
(d) University of Berlin.

13. Pnin and Victor had already been corresponding, what does Victor think of Pnin from his letters?
(a) He is amazing.
(b) He is an impressive man.
(c) He is odd.
(d) He is hilarious.

14. Why did Liza decide to send Victor to a particular school in Chapter 4?
(a) She thought it was a nice compromise of history and the atmosphere of the Lutheran Church.
(b) She thought it was a nice compromise of art and science and had an easy going atmosphere.
(c) She thought it was a nice compromise between modern psychology and the atmosphere of the Greek Catholic Church.
(d) She thought it was a nice compromise of science and the atmosphere of the Roman Catholic Church.

15. Why does Pnin not use the detailed directions that were given to him to get to the cabin?
(a) He decides to forgo them in favor of the advice of a local.
(b) He wants to use his new map.
(c) He wants to find the cabin by himself.
(d) He doesn't trust the person who gave him the directions.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 5, what is the actual name that the host of the party goes by?

2. In Chapter 6, what country is the department head's replacement from?

3. At the party in Chapter 5, what do the guests have for dinner?

4. In Chapter 6, who has Pnin found a permanent housing solution from?

5. What doesn't Victor like the gift that Pnin gives him during dinner?

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