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Create a Poster

Create a poster advertising the novel "Pnin". What characters would be on the poster? What quote from the book?

Make a Mobile

Make a mobile showing the important characters and events from the novel "Pnin".


Put together a collage of the novel "Pnin". Include favorite quotes and characters from the novel.

Write a Poem

Write a poem about the main character or events in the novel "Pnin".

Talk Show

Conduct a talk show interview of the main character from the novel "Pnin" or conduct a mock interview of the author, Vladimir Nabokov.

Newspaper Articles

Turn the important events from the novel "Pnin" into a newspaper article or a series of newspaper articles. What would the newspaper be called?

Letter to the Author

Write a letter to the author, Vladimir Nabokov, of the novel "Pnin" telling him about your reaction to the book and asking...

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