Pnin Character Descriptions

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Timofey Pnin

This character is somewhat absent-minded and eccentric. This character's parents both died shortly after the Bolshevik Revolution.

Liza Wind

This character is flighty and is unable to keep any kind of commitment in relationships.

Dr. Eric Wind

This character is a psychiatrist and ends up being someone's second spouse.

Joan Clement

This character is a member of the faculty at Waindell College, and develops a close friendship with the main character.

Professor Hagen

This character is the head of the Waindell College German department. This character tries to save the main character's job but there is too much prejudice in the department.

The Narrator

This character is the Russian teacher who replaces the main character. This character offers him a job as an assistant.

Victor Wind

This character is a talented artist, even at a very young age. This character develops a somewhat close relationship with...

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