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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Tiberius finally push his land reform law through the Senate, according to Plutarch?
(a) He influenced the praetorian guard to enforce the law in spite of it not passing the senate.
(b) He imposed an edict preventing all magistrates from performing their functions until the law was passed.
(c) He incited the homeless soldiers to storm the senate and forse it to support the law.
(d) He used his rhetorical skills to influence the senate to support his land reform law.

2. What did Plutarch claim to be the main issue facing Tiberius after he was elected tribune of the people?
(a) Internal improvements to help Rome transport goods in and out of the cities of the empire.
(b) Raising revenues through taxes to support Rome's many wars and Empire.
(c) Reforming the laws to even justice between the wealthy and the poor.
(d) Land reform to restore property taken by the wealthy class while common landowners were fighting wars.

3. How did Plutarch explain the difference between Tiberius and Caius when they delivered speeches?
(a) Tiberius was gentle and composed, and Caius was earnest and vehement.
(b) Tiberius was rehearsed and serious; Caius was sarcastic and whimisical.
(c) Tiberius was confrontational; Caius was diplomatic.
(d) Tiberius was verbose and theatrical; Caius was slow and methodical.

4. What does Plutarch consider to be the difference in the military achievements between Dion and Brutus?
(a) Brutus was a better general, but Dion faced more worthy opponents.
(b) Dion favored closed confrontations, but Brutus preferred fighting in open fields.
(c) Dion was the better general, but Brutus faced a more worthy opponent.
(d) Don was a better tactician, but Brutus was more courageous.

5. What is the first difference that Plutarch found between Demetrius and Antony?
(a) Demetrius lived a restrained life, but Antony was a victim of his vices.
(b) Demetrius' father proved his power as a great battle general, but Antony's father was not a warrior.
(c) Demetrius was a willing mercenary, but Antony fought only for the glory of Rome.
(d) Demetrius was born into a humble family, but Antony was born into wealth.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Plutarch, why was the issue still alive for Tiberius in spite of previous efforts to address the issue?

2. Why does Plutarch suggest that Dion was banished from Syracuse by the supporters of Dionysisus' son, Dionysisus II?

3. How does Plutarch claim Demetrius fell into disfavor with the Athenians?

4. What does Plutarch claim that Brutus' decision to betray Caesar prove?

5. How does Plutarch explain the differences in the public acceptance with Demetrius' collection of wives and mistresses and Antony's affair with Cleopatra?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Plutarch show the differences in the motivations for speaking between Demosthenes and Cicero?

2. How did Antony inspire a revolt against the assassins of Caesar, according to Plutarch?

3. What does Plutarch claim Atarus did to free Sicyon from the tyrant Nicocles?

4. Why does Plutarch claim that Philip had Atarus poisoned?

5. What does Plutarch report to be the condition of Rome as Tiberius began his political career in Rome?

6. What difference does Plutarch recognize in the raising of the Gracchi Brothers (Tiberius and Caius) and The Spartans (Agis and Cleomenes)?

7. How did Plutarch report that Demetrius fell in and out of favor with Athenians?

8. How does Plutarch claim Artaxerxes averted war with the Spartans?

9. What did Plutarch consider to be the difference between the several wives that Demetrius took as opposed to Antony taking up with Cleopatra?

10. What important position does Plutarch report Atarus took with Achaea, a league of Greek cities?

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