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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Plutarch claim led a successful conspiracy to murder Dion?
(a) Gelon.
(b) His half brother Ochus.
(c) His brother Thearides.
(d) His friend, Callippus.

2. What political difference does Plutarch recognize between "The Spartans"?
(a) Agis was fiery and relentless, but Cleomenes was methodical and careful.
(b) Agis showed a lack of determination, but Cleomenes inspired revolution with boldness and violence.
(c) Agis depended on sarcastic rhetorical skills, but Cleomenes rhetorical style was theatrical and well rehearsed.
(d) Agis was an uncontrolled revolutionary, but Cleomenes sought peaceful negotiations as a means of change.

3. What does Plutarch report led to Antony's suicide at the threat of being defeated by Octavian?
(a) He began a civil war with Ocavian and Lepidus in an effort to take total power of Rome.
(b) He was cornered with the co-conspirators of Caesar.
(c) He sided with Lepidus in a civil war against Octavian.
(d) His love affair with Queen Cleopatra of Egypt and his defense of Egypt against Octavian.

4. After Dion drove Donysius II from Syracuse, what does Plutarch claim came of his attempt to form a government?
(a) A popular faction opposed his plans.
(b) He was chased from the city by supporters of Dionysius II.
(c) He could not get leaders of factions to agree.
(d) He proved to be unable to implement his plans.

5. How does Plutarch explain public anger both Dion and Brutus received for their stands against Dionysius II and Caesar respectively?
(a) The public was angry at Dion for trying to take Dionysius II's throne, but it was angry at Brutus for turning away from the vacant throne.
(b) The public was angry at Dion for opposing an effective leader, but it was angry at Brutus for not having a trial on Caesar's crimes.
(c) The public was angry at Dion for having allowed Dionysius II to escape, but the public was angry with Brutus for killing a popular leader.
(d) The public was angry at Dion for leaving Syracuse after he overthrew Dionysius II, but it was angry at Brutus for not staying in Rome.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Plutarch identify as predecessor to Galba as emperor of Rome?

2. How did Ochus come to succeed Artaxerxes, according to Plutarch?

3. How did Plutarch explain the difference between Tiberius and Caius when they delivered speeches?

4. For what did Plutarch claim that Artaxerxes I of Persia was known?

5. According to Plutarch, what was Artaxerxes' name before he became king?

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