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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Plutarch claim that Caius had to overcome before he was elected to tribune?
(a) His fear that the animosity for his brother still existed.
(b) The unwillingness of the senate to release lands that were under its authority.
(c) The hold that landowners had over the senate.
(d) False charges that he had been defiant to his authorities as a quaestor, that he had excited insurrections among allies, and had been involved in conspiracies.

2. Who does Plutarch report to be the father of Tiberius and Caius Gracchus?
(a) Tiberius Gracchus I.
(b) Caius Gracchus I.
(c) Cicero.
(d) Julius Caesar.

3. Who did Demetrius kill to take the throne of Macedon, according to Plutarch?
(a) Alexander, son of Philip.
(b) .Cassander.
(c) Antipater.
(d) Alexander, son of Cassander.

4. How did Plutarch characterize the differences in the changes in government "The Roman Brothers" and "The Spartans" sought to achieve?
(a) "The Roman Brothers" worked to restore the principles of the Republic, whereas "The Spartans" attempted to rid Sparta of its Greek democratic influence.
(b) "The Roman Brothers" aimed at settling cities, mending highways, and recovering public lands whereas "The Spartans" sought to restore their city to its ancient state.
(c) "The Roman Brothers" sought to restore Rome to its ancient Republic, whereas "The Spartans" sought internal improvements.
(d) "The Roman Brothers" sought to place all power in a king, but "The Spartans" sought democracy.

5. Where does Plutarch claim that Demosthenes was when he committed suicide to avoid capture by the Macedonians?
(a) On his way to the public baths.
(b) A temple in Calauria.
(c) In the Athenian Assembly.
(d) In his home in Athens.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Plutarch, what lead to the death of Aratus' father?

2. What role did Antony eventually take in Rome, according to Plutarch, after Caesar's assassination?

3. Plutarch's tone in the profile of Aratus changes from his other reports. Why is this?

4. Where did Demosthenes encourage Greeks to resist the rule of Philip and Alexander, according to Plutarch?

5. Who does Plutarch identify as predecessor to Galba as emperor of Rome?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Plutarch identify as the marks of Cicero's oratory style?

2. Why does Plutarch report that Artaxerxes had his son, Darius, executed?

3. What did Plutarch consider to be the difference between the several wives that Demetrius took as opposed to Antony taking up with Cleopatra?

4. How does Plutarch show the differences in the personalities between Demosthenes and Cicero through their rhetorical style?

5. According to Plutarch, how did Tiberius' death affect Caius' entry into Roman politics?

6. Why does Plutarch claim that Philip had Atarus poisoned?

7. What difference does Plutarch recognize in the raising of the Gracchi Brothers (Tiberius and Caius) and The Spartans (Agis and Cleomenes)?

8. How did Plutarch report that Demetrius fell in and out of favor with Athenians?

9. How did Plutarch describe the defeat of Brutus after the death of Caesar?

10. Why does Plutarch suggest Caesar showed favor to Brutus despite Brutus siding with Pompey during the civil war with Caesar?

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