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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Plutarch's tone in the profile of Aratus changes from his other reports. Why is this?
(a) It was written directly to a descendant of Aratus named Polycrates.
(b) Plutarch was commissioned by Aratus' decendants to write the history.
(c) Plutarch is a decendant of Aratus.
(d) Plutarch declares Aratus to be his most favored figure.

2. What Macedonian King did Plutarch claim regarded Aratus as a trusted adviser?
(a) Antipater.
(b) Antigonus.
(c) Philip.
(d) Alexander.

3. What did Plutarch report to be the differences between Rome and Sparta at the time "The Roman Brothers" and "The Spartans" had their influence?
(a) "The Roman Brothers" lived in a time of rebellion against Rome by its extended provinces, but "The Spartans" were part of a time of peace and industry.
(b) "The Roman Brothers" lived at the time that Rome had risen to its greatest repute, but "The Spartans" lived when Sparta was sinking and debauched.
(c) "The Roman Brothers" became part of a movement to unite the provinces of Rome, but "The Spartans" were fighting to free Sparta from Macedonian domination.
(d) "The Roman Brothers" lived as Rome was transitioning from a Republic to an Empire, but "The Spartans" lived as Sparta was coming to the end of extended captivity to Macedon.

4. What affect does Plutarch claim Aratus' education and his father's death have on Aratus?
(a) He chose to throw himself into his studies and ignore the problems of Sicyon.
(b) He cultivated a burning hatred of tyranny.
(c) He became suspicious and scheming.
(d) He became vengeful and rebellious.

5. How does Plutarch report that Demosthenes and Cicero showed the differences in their personalities through their speeches?
(a) Demosthenes was trivial and lighthearted, but Cicero was somber and deliberate.
(b) Demosthenes was somber and deliberte, but Cicero was trivial and lighthearted.
(c) Demosthenes loved to just and make fun of his opponents, but Cicero was serious and eloquent.
(d) Demosthenes was serious and eloquent, but Cicero loved to jest and make fun of his opponents.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Antigonus' son, Philip, kill Aratus, according to Plutarch?

2. How did Ochus come to succeed Artaxerxes, according to Plutarch?

3. Why did Plutarch claim Artaxerxes' mother favored Cyrus as king when Darius died?

4. What does Plutarch claim Demosthenes did with his suicide?

5. How did Plutarch explain the difference between Tiberius and Caius when they delivered speeches?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Plutarch claim Atarus did to free Sicyon from the tyrant Nicocles?

2. How does Plutarch show the differences in the personalities between Demosthenes and Cicero through their rhetorical style?

3. Why does Plutarch report that Artaxerxes had his son, Darius, executed?

4. What steps did Plutarch describe that gave Tiberius the ability to pass his land reform laws?

5. What does Plutarch consider to be the difference in the deaths of the Gracci and the Spartans?

6. How does Plutarch compare the deaths of Demetrius and Antony?

7. What did Plutarch identify as the marks of Cicero's oratory style?

8. How did Plutarch show the differences in the motivations for speaking between Demosthenes and Cicero?

9. How did Plutarch compare the military achievements of Brutus and Dion?

10. How did Antony inspire a revolt against the assassins of Caesar, according to Plutarch?

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