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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Plutarch consider to be the difference between the reasons that Demosthenes and Cicero fled from the authorities?
(a) Demosthenes flight for speaking truth to power was more noble that Cicero's flight out of fear because he had insulted a powerful general.
(b) The bribery accusation from which Demosthenes fled was less honorable than Cicero's flight for opposing Caesar's son's rule.
(c) The call to war that brought Athenians to despise Demosthenes was more admirable than Cicero's flight because he made enemies of powerful leaders.
(d) Demosthenes fled because his rhetoric made him the enemies of the powerful, but Cicero left for the humiliation of insulting his superiors.

2. Who does Plutarch claim led a successful conspiracy to murder Dion?
(a) His brother Thearides.
(b) His half brother Ochus.
(c) His friend, Callippus.
(d) Gelon.

3. Why does Plutarch claim that Cicero's leading the execution of conspirators to overthrow Rome was controversial?
(a) Because executions of failed conspirators was rare.
(b) Because they were done without a trial.
(c) Because Romans abhorred violence.
(d) Because the conspiracy involved Rome's most important generals.

4. Why does Plutarch consider Demetrius' death more dishonorable than Antony's?
(a) Because Demetrius died from alcoholism.
(b) Because Demetrius died after rebelling against his country.
(c) Because Demetrius died in captivity after a failed military adventure.
(d) Because Demetrius died fleeing from his own army.

5. Where does Plutarch claim that Demosthenes was when he committed suicide to avoid capture by the Macedonians?
(a) In the Athenian Assembly.
(b) On his way to the public baths.
(c) In his home in Athens.
(d) A temple in Calauria.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Dion drove Donysius II from Syracuse, what does Plutarch claim came of his attempt to form a government?

2. Who did wealthy land owners influence from the Senate to oppose Tiberius' efforts at land reform, according to Plutarch?

3. What quote from Plato does Plutarch use to begin a criticism in his profiles of Demetrius and Antony?

4. How does Plutarch compare the motivations of rebelling between Dion and Brutus?

5. What did Plutarch report as the difference in the affects on the homelands of "The Roman Brothers" and "The Spartans"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Plutarch consider to be the difference in the deaths of the Gracci and the Spartans?

2. What does Plutarch report to be the condition of Rome as Tiberius began his political career in Rome?

3. How does Plutarch show the differences in the personalities between Demosthenes and Cicero through their rhetorical style?

4. According to Plutarch, how did Tiberius' death affect Caius' entry into Roman politics?

5. How did Ochus put himself in line to inherit Artaxerxes throne according to Plutarch?

6. Why does Plutarch claim that Dion was banished from the court of young Dionysius?

7. What steps did Plutarch describe that gave Tiberius the ability to pass his land reform laws?

8. How did Artaxerxes become King of Persia, according to Plutarch?

9. What did Plutarch identify as the marks of Cicero's oratory style?

10. 1.What does Plutarch recognize as the major difference between the governing styles between the Gracchi and the Spartans?

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