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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Plutarch identify as the difference in the characters between "The Roman Brothers" and "The Spartans"?
(a) "The Roman Brothers" sought to serve the Romans, but "The Spartans" sought to inspire revolution against Sparta's kings.
(b) "The Roman Brothers" had a desire for glory and honors, but "The Spartans" loved contests and aspired to despotic power.
(c) "The Roman Brothers" aspired to despotic power, but "The Spartans had a desire for glory and honors.
(d) "The Roman Brothers" had a desire to strengthen the systems of the Senate, but "The Spartans" sought to place all power in a single king.

2. How does Plutarch claim Demetrius fell into disfavor with the Athenians?
(a) By using his position in the assembly to solicit bribes.
(b) By selling his sword to the Macedonians.
(c) By demanding and squandering a large sum of money after liberating Athens a second time.
(d) By living in debauchery and drunkedness.

3. Which of the four being compared does Plutarch accuse of committing the crime of deposing a fellow elected official?
(a) Agis.
(b) Cleomenes.
(c) Caius.
(d) Tiberius.

4. What did Plutarch report as the difference in the affects on the homelands of "The Roman Brothers" and "The Spartans"?
(a) The work of "The Roman Brothers" gave no addition to Rome's former greatness, but "The Spartans" helped Sparta exert power over all of Peloponnesus and restored the orderly rule of the sons of Hercules.
(b) The work of "The Roman Brothers" helped to expand the Roman Empire, but "The Spartans" led to an extended captivity to Macedon.
(c) "The Roman Brothers" stabilized the government prior to its greatest empirical march, but "The Spartans" left the government stagnated and ineffectual.
(d) "The Roman Brothers" were responsible for the split of the Roman Empire, but "The Spartans" extended Sparta into India.

5. What did Plutarch claim to be the main issue facing Tiberius after he was elected tribune of the people?
(a) Internal improvements to help Rome transport goods in and out of the cities of the empire.
(b) Reforming the laws to even justice between the wealthy and the poor.
(c) Land reform to restore property taken by the wealthy class while common landowners were fighting wars.
(d) Raising revenues through taxes to support Rome's many wars and Empire.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Plutarch report to be the father of Tiberius and Caius Gracchus?

2. Who did Plutarch identify as the Senator that Brutus opposed, but joined in a civil war against Caesar?

3. Who did Brutus join in the successful assassination attempt against Caesar, according to Plutarch?

4. Who led a conspiracy to overthrow the Roman Government that Plutarch reports Cicero exposed in the Senate?

5. How did Tiberius finally push his land reform law through the Senate, according to Plutarch?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Plutarch show the differences in the personalities between Demosthenes and Cicero through their rhetorical style?

2. According to Plutarch, why did Atarus leave Sicyon to grow up and get educated in Argos?

3. What does Plutarch claim was the result of Opimius undoing the land reforms that Caius enacted?

4. How does Plutarch claim Artaxerxes averted war with the Spartans?

5. What difference does Plutarch recognize in the raising of the Gracchi Brothers (Tiberius and Caius) and The Spartans (Agis and Cleomenes)?

6. What does Plutarch claim Atarus did to free Sicyon from the tyrant Nicocles?

7. Why does Plutarch report that Artaxerxes had his son, Darius, executed?

8. How did Antony inspire a revolt against the assassins of Caesar, according to Plutarch?

9. Why does Plutarch claim that Dion was banished from the court of young Dionysius?

10. What does Plutarch report to be the condition of Rome as Tiberius began his political career in Rome?

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