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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What came of Rome after Crassus died, according to Plutarch?
(a) Caesar conspired to have Pompey assassinated.
(b) Pompey fled Rome out of fear of Caesar's desire to take total control.
(c) The Senate was split in its support for Caesar or Pompey.
(d) It collapsed into a civil war between supporters of Caesar and Pompey.

2. How does Plutarch claim the birth order of Agis and Agesilaus affected their lives?
(a) Agis, the older, was given the inheritance of the king, but Agesilaus was given the authority over a province.
(b) Agis, the older, was trained in military matters, but Agesilaus was trained in agricultural arts.
(c) Agis, the older, was the favorite of the father, but Agesilaus was the favorite of their mother.
(d) Agis, the older, was educated to be king, and Agesilaus was given a common education.

3. There were 12 Roman Caesar's. Which one is Plutarch chronicling?
(a) Caesar Augustus.
(b) Octavious Caesar.
(c) The first Caesar, Gaius Julius Caesar.
(d) Tiberius Caesar.

4. How did Plutarch compare Sertorius and Eumenes in their views of war?
(a) Both Eumenes hated the death of war, but loved the thrill of strategy.
(b) Both Eumenes and Sertorius esteemed peace and tranquility.
(c) Both Eumenes and Sertorius loved war.
(d) Eumenes naturally loved war, but Sertorius esteemed peace and tranquility.

5. What disaster does Plutarch report occurred on the day that Alexander was born that later added to the legend that he was a demi-god?
(a) An earthquake shook the royal palace while Alexander was being born.
(b) Lightning hit the area of the palace where Alexander's mother was giving birth.
(c) A Macedonian fleet survived a horrible storm at sea on the day Alexander was born.
(d) The Temple of Diana burned down and a story was spread that it did so because Diana was attending the birth of Alexander.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Plutarch report of Phocion's temperament?

2. What victory of Phocion over the Macedonians did Plutarch report as being that which earned the admiration of Philip, King of Macedon?

3. What preceded Caesar's election by the Senate to Dictator, according to Plutarch?

4. What battle against Macedon, according to Plutarch, that Phocion warned against taking that the Athenians lost under a different general?

5. What does Plutarch claim caused Caesar and Pompey to become rivals for power?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Plutarch report the death of Cato?

2. How does Plutarch report that Caesar was assassinated?

3. How does Plutarch explain Agis' objectives affected the politics of Sparta?

4. What does Plutarch report came of the Athens military when the Athenian Assembly went against Phocion's recommendations not to enter a war with Philip of Macedon?

5. What skill did Plutarch claim Caesar used to start building political influence in the Senate?

6. According to Plutarch, why did Cato fall into disfavor with Caesar?

7. What does Plutarch claim Cleomenes did to prevent the political turmoil that overtook Agis?

8. How did Plutarch explain Lysander's misinterpretation of the prophesy regarding the successor to Agis?

9. What did Plutarch identify as the myth regarding Alexander's lineage that Plutarch suggested his mother, Olympus, might have spread?

10. What was the primary objective of Agis as King of the Spartans according to Plutarch?

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