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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Plutarch characterize Phocion's speech?
(a) "Few had ever said as much with a paucity of verbage."
(b) "...That even from his infancy, in his speech, his countenance, and all his childish pastimes, he discovered and inflexible temper,..."
(c) "...full of instruction, abounding in happy maxims and wise thoughts, but admitted no embellishment to its austere and commanding brevity."
(d) "Never had anyone said so much to so many with so few words."

2. How did Plutarch claim Agis and Cleomenes incurred the hatred of the rich and powerful?
(a) By taxing them to support homeless soldiers.
(b) By being desirous to restore the noble and just form of government.
(c) By inciting the working class to take their property.
(d) By taking their laborers from them to fight in wars.

3. How did the separation of Alexander from Philip affect his reign over Philip's empire, according to Plutarch?
(a) Alexander chose to spread Greek culture through his captured lands rather than Macedonian culture.
(b) Alexander purged his government of all officials that were named by his father.
(c) Alexander moved the capital of Macedon to Athens.
(d) Alexander rejected all of Philip's military tactics and found new generals.

4. Who is the famous Roman General that Plutarch claims Sertorius outwitted during his exile in Spain?
(a) Pompey.
(b) Phocion.
(c) Cicero.
(d) Caesar.

5. What is the first similarity that Plutarch recognized between Sertorius and Eumenes?
(a) They were both banished to foreign lands, but came to be commanders of powerful forces.
(b) That they were both ferocious in battle.
(c) That they both came from laboring families but worked up to the Noble class.
(d) That they were both embraced by the political leaders of their countries.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Plutarch consider Agesilaus a better general than Pompey?

2. Who does Plutarch report ruled Rome in a Triumvirate while Cato served in the Senate?

3. How did Plutarch compare Sertorius and Eumenes in their views of war?

4. With whom did Pompey ally himself to overcome the reputation of his father, and who did Plutarch report they oppose in a civil conflict for power over Rome?

5. What did Plutarch report to be Phocion's view of war whenever he was brought into debates with other Greek leaders?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Plutarch identify as the cause of Alexander turning against his father, Philip?

2. How does Plutarch claim Athenians responded when they falsely accused Phocion of treason and killed him after a mock trial?

3. How does Plutarch describe Alexander impressing his father by taming a horse?

4. What skill did Plutarch claim Caesar used to start building political influence in the Senate?

5. What are the similarities that Plutarch found between Sertorius and Eumenes?

6. Where does Plutarch report Caesar traveled to for conquests after he was elected as part of the Triumvirate with Pompey and Crassus?

7. Why does Plutarch claim Caesar left Rome while he was a young man?

8. What does Plutarch report came of the Athens military when the Athenian Assembly went against Phocion's recommendations not to enter a war with Philip of Macedon?

9. How long does Plutarch claim that Cato the Younger possessed an inflexible temperament?

10. What did Plutarch identify as the difference between Eumenes and Sertorius in their approach to war?

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