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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Plutarch claim Caesar chose to do while Sylla's power reached its peak?
(a) He left Rome in exile.
(b) He contended with Caesar's power in the Senate.
(c) He joined a conspiracy with Brutus and Cassius to assassinate Sylla.
(d) He gathered forces to challenge Sylla with a civil war.

2. After his return from Spain, with whom does Plutarch claim Caesar took power over Rome in the Triumvirate?
(a) Sylla and Nero.
(b) Crassus and Pompey.
(c) Brutus and Cassius.
(d) Antony and Octavius.

3. What battle against Macedon, according to Plutarch, that Phocion warned against taking that the Athenians lost under a different general?
(a) The battle for Euboea.
(b) The battle at Chaeronea.
(c) The battle of Persia.
(d) The battle of Delphi.

4. What does Plutarch report of Cato during this civil war?
(a) He joined Caesar to benefit his career in the senate.
(b) He remained in the Senate to help keep peace in Rome.
(c) He fled with Pompey and stopped in Utica while Pompey proceeded to Greece.
(d) He remained neutral only to be taken prison by Caesar after the war ended.

5. Why does Plutarch suggest that Cleomenes eliminated the office of ephors from Spartan Government?
(a) Because the ephors were a barrier to his desire to battle the Greeks.
(b) Because the ephors were inciting the public to overthrow him.
(c) Because he discovered the ephors were stealing from the public coffers.
(d) Because he discovered he was king in name only and that the ephors had all the power.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who invaded Spartan provinces while Cleomenes was making reforms in Spartan government, according to Plutarch?

2. What does Plutarch report to be the joke that Neoptoleumus, captain of Alexander's lifeguard, told of Eumenes?

3. Where does Plutarch report Alexander died?

4. Who is the famous Roman General that Plutarch claims Sertorius outwitted during his exile in Spain?

5. In what hearing before the Senate did Cato first confront Caesar, according to Plutarch?

Short Essay Questions

1. What skill did Plutarch claim Caesar used to start building political influence in the Senate?

2. On what occasion does Plutarch report Cato asked why his preceptor would not give him a sword to kill Sylla while he was being trained in Sylla's palace?

3. Why does Plutarch claim that Dion was banished from the court of young Dionysius?

4. What are the similarities that Plutarch found between Sertorius and Eumenes?

5. What does Plutarch claim Cleomenes did to prevent the political turmoil that overtook Agis?

6. Where does Plutarch report Caesar traveled to for conquests after he was elected as part of the Triumvirate with Pompey and Crassus?

7. What did Plutarch determine to be the difference in how Agesilaus and Pompey came to power?

8. Why does Plutarch report that Artaxerxes had his son, Darius, executed?

9. According to Plutarch, how did Tiberius' death affect Caius' entry into Roman politics?

10. How did Otho finally become Emperor of Rome, according to Plutarch?

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