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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Plutarch consider Agesilaus a better general than Pompey?
(a) Agesilaus had soldiers who fought for his glory, but Pompey's soldiers fought for wealth.
(b) Because Agesilaus built a record of forcing his enemies into battle when they were at their weakest, but Pompey allowed his army to be beaten by Caesar's forces while they were weakened by hunger.
(c) Agesilaus knew how to win battles on land or at sea, but Pompey only knew how to fight on the land.
(d) Agesilaus proved his virtue by confronting his enemies at their most powerful, but Pompey tried to challenge less worthy opponents.

2. Who did Plutarch report to be the father of Agis and Agesilaus?
(a) Duris the historian.
(b) Alcibiades.
(c) Zeuxidamus, King of the Lacedaemonians.
(d) Archidamus, king of the Lacedaemonians.

3. Who was the Persian King that Plutarch reported Alexander defeated on his expedition to India?
(a) Antipater.
(b) Philip.
(c) Hercules.
(d) Darius.

4. Who were they, and what were the nationalities of Alexander's parents, according to Plutarch?
(a) Philip of Greece, and Potidaea of Rome.
(b) Attalus of Macedon and Olympia of Greece.
(c) Eumens of Sparta, and Cleopatra of Persia.
(d) Philip of Macedon, and Olympia of Greece.

5. How did Plutarch claim Agis and Cleomenes incurred the hatred of the rich and powerful?
(a) By taking their laborers from them to fight in wars.
(b) By inciting the working class to take their property.
(c) By being desirous to restore the noble and just form of government.
(d) By taxing them to support homeless soldiers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Plutarch suggest that Cleomenes eliminated the office of ephors from Spartan Government?

2. According to Plutarch, who authored laws in Lacedaemonia that caused land that was once subject to inheritance within families to be taken into a few wealthy hands?

3. What was the most notable sign that Plutarch suggests that proves Caesar had begun to win popular support to challenge Sylla?

4. With whom did Pompey ally himself to overcome the reputation of his father, and who did Plutarch report they oppose in a civil conflict for power over Rome?

5. According to Plutarch, when did Phocion rise to power in Athens?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Plutarch detail Caesar's plan to become Consul of Rome by helping Pompey?

2. How long does Plutarch claim that Cato the Younger possessed an inflexible temperament?

3. What does Plutarch report came of the Athens military when the Athenian Assembly went against Phocion's recommendations not to enter a war with Philip of Macedon?

4. What does Plutarch note about the difference between Phocion's public disagreements in the Athenian assembly and how he spoke in general conversation?

5. How does Plutarch report that Caesar was assassinated?

6. What did Plutarch identify as the difference between Eumenes and Sertorius in their approach to war?

7. What skill did Plutarch claim Caesar used to start building political influence in the Senate?

8. What did Plutarch identify as the myth regarding Alexander's lineage that Plutarch suggested his mother, Olympus, might have spread?

9. What were qualities of Alexander that Plutarch praised?

10. Where does Plutarch report Caesar traveled to for conquests after he was elected as part of the Triumvirate with Pompey and Crassus?

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