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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Plutarch compare the deaths of "The Roman Brothers" to "The Spartans"?
(a) Plutarch believes both died nobly pursuing what they felt was the best for their people.
(b) Plutarch believes that "The Spartans" died more courageously than did "The Roman Brothers"?
(c) Plutarch's record of "The Spartans" death is the only one that is not violent, but he was impressed with how "The Roman Brothers" died in battle.
(d) Plutarch believes that "The Roman" brothers died nobly defending their principles, but "The Spartans" died from an unwise pursuit of war.

2. What role did Antony eventually take in Rome, according to Plutarch, after Caesar's assassination?
(a) He became one of Rome's most powerful generals.
(b) He became the lead diplomat to Egypt.
(c) He took power with Lepidius and Octavian in a triumvirate similar to the one formed by Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus.
(d) He became the consul of the senate.

3. What is the first difference that Plutarch found between Demetrius and Antony?
(a) Demetrius lived a restrained life, but Antony was a victim of his vices.
(b) Demetrius was a willing mercenary, but Antony fought only for the glory of Rome.
(c) Demetrius was born into a humble family, but Antony was born into wealth.
(d) Demetrius' father proved his power as a great battle general, but Antony's father was not a warrior.

4. For what does Plutarch claim Marcus Brutus is known?
(a) Acting as one of the assassins of Caesar.
(b) For being the, "Noblest Roman of them all."
(c) For being the illegitimate son of Caesar.
(d) For his role in the civil war with Pompey.

5. According to Plutarch, what was Artaxerxes' name before he became king?
(a) Arsicas.
(b) Ariaspes.
(c) Darius.
(d) Ochus.

6. How was Cyrus' effort to overthrow Artaxerxes ended, according to Plutarch?
(a) He saw his challenge was harmful to Persia and committed suicide.
(b) He died in battle, supposedly by a spear thrown by Artaxerxes.
(c) Their mother demanded they stop.
(d) Cyrus was killed in a conspiracy led by Artaxerxes' son Darius.

7. How does Plutarch explain public anger both Dion and Brutus received for their stands against Dionysius II and Caesar respectively?
(a) The public was angry at Dion for opposing an effective leader, but it was angry at Brutus for not having a trial on Caesar's crimes.
(b) The public was angry at Dion for trying to take Dionysius II's throne, but it was angry at Brutus for turning away from the vacant throne.
(c) The public was angry at Dion for having allowed Dionysius II to escape, but the public was angry with Brutus for killing a popular leader.
(d) The public was angry at Dion for leaving Syracuse after he overthrew Dionysius II, but it was angry at Brutus for not staying in Rome.

8. Who does Plutarch claim to be the three Macedonian Kings under whom Demosthenes lived?
(a) Amyntas IV, Philip, Alexander.
(b) Philip, Alexander, and Antipater.
(c) Antipater, Philip III, Cassander.
(d) Alexander, Antipater, Philip III.

9. Which one of the four being compared does Plutarch report had no great action worthy of a commander?
(a) Caius.
(b) Cleomenes.
(c) Tiberius.
(d) Agis.

10. Who does Plutarch identify as predecessor to Galba as emperor of Rome?
(a) Otho.
(b) Octavian.
(c) Lepidus.
(d) Nero.

11. Why did Plutarch claim Artaxerxes' mother favored Cyrus as king when Darius died?
(a) Because Cyrus was peaceful and Artaxerxes was a warrior.
(b) Because Artaxerxes travelled on campaigns with his father, while Cyrus stayed and managed the home for his mother.
(c) Because she had given birth to Cyrus after Darius had become king.
(d) Because Artaxerxes' mother became pregnant with him while Cyrus was married to another woman.

12. How does Plutarch claim Demetrius fell into disfavor with the Athenians?
(a) By demanding and squandering a large sum of money after liberating Athens a second time.
(b) By using his position in the assembly to solicit bribes.
(c) By selling his sword to the Macedonians.
(d) By living in debauchery and drunkedness.

13. How did Ochus come to succeed Artaxerxes, according to Plutarch?
(a) He avoided war, but his brothers died in war.
(b) He bribed his father.
(c) He was the favorite of his mother.
(d) He murdered his brother Arsames and drove his other brother Ariaspes to suicide.

14. According to Plutarch, what was the difference in political support between "The Roman Brothers" and "The Spartans"?
(a) "The Roman Brothers" were opposed by influential men of their day, but "The Spartans" were supported by history and the authority of one of the most important political leaders of Sparta.
(b) "The Roman Brothers" had their support from military men, but "The Spartans" were supported by the general public.
(c) "The Roman Brothers" kept opposition in check with strong support from the plebes, but "The Spartans" won political challenges through forceful personalities.
(d) "The Roman Brothers" had strong support from leaders in the senate, but "The Spartans" got their support from military men.

15. Who led a conspiracy to overthrow the Roman Government that Plutarch reports Cicero exposed in the Senate?
(a) Cassius.
(b) Brutus.
(c) Cataline.
(d) Darius.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the difference Plutarch cites between the leaders that Dion and Brutus overthrew?

2. Who does Plutarch claim led a successful conspiracy to murder Dion?

3. What does Plutarch report that Antony did after his first reaction the Assassination of Caesar?

4. After the death of Tiberius, what did Plutarch report to be the first office to which his brother, Caius was elected?

5. According to Plutarch, what lead to the death of Aratus' father?

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