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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Galba and Otho.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Plutarch, what was the purpose of the Greek alliances that Aratus helped to form?
(a) Mutual defense of the allied cities.
(b) To establish a political base for his plans for power.
(c) To provide an empire for his ancestor's wealth.
(d) Creating a great empire to challenge the Romans.

2. What does Plutarch claim caused Caesar and Pompey to become rivals for power?
(a) Crassus' death.
(b) The rivalry between Pompey's father and Caesar's family.
(c) Pompey's alliance with Crassus.
(d) Pompey's defeat to Sertorius in Spain.

3. How did Plutarch compare Sertorius and Eumenes in their views of war?
(a) Both Eumenes and Sertorius loved war.
(b) Both Eumenes and Sertorius esteemed peace and tranquility.
(c) Both Eumenes hated the death of war, but loved the thrill of strategy.
(d) Eumenes naturally loved war, but Sertorius esteemed peace and tranquility.

4. With whom does Plutarch report Agis ruled over the Lacedaemonians?
(a) Cleomenes, husband to Agiatis.
(b) Agesilaus, his half brother.
(c) Lysander, a Spartan General.
(d) Leonidas, son of Cleonymus.

5. Plutarch's tone in the profile of Aratus changes from his other reports. Why is this?
(a) Plutarch declares Aratus to be his most favored figure.
(b) Plutarch is a decendant of Aratus.
(c) It was written directly to a descendant of Aratus named Polycrates.
(d) Plutarch was commissioned by Aratus' decendants to write the history.

Short Answer Questions

1. What tyrannical Syracusan King does Plutarch report Dion served as he became wealthy?

2. Who led a conspiracy to overthrow the Roman Government that Plutarch reports Cicero exposed in the Senate?

3. What battle against Macedon, according to Plutarch, that Phocion warned against taking that the Athenians lost under a different general?

4. How did Plutarch characterize Phocion's speech?

5. According to Plutarch, who prevented Cyrus from assassinating Artaxerxes at his inaugural ceremonies as king?

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