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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Phocion.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the first similarity that Plutarch recognized between Sertorius and Eumenes?
(a) That they were both ferocious in battle.
(b) They were both banished to foreign lands, but came to be commanders of powerful forces.
(c) That they both came from laboring families but worked up to the Noble class.
(d) That they were both embraced by the political leaders of their countries.

2. After his return from Spain, with whom does Plutarch claim Caesar took power over Rome in the Triumvirate?
(a) Antony and Octavius.
(b) Sylla and Nero.
(c) Crassus and Pompey.
(d) Brutus and Cassius.

3. In what sort of family does Plutarch claim Sertorius was raised?
(a) A ruling class family.
(b) A noble family.
(c) A military family.
(d) A poor laboring family.

4. What victory of Phocion over the Macedonians did Plutarch report as being that which earned the admiration of Philip, King of Macedon?
(a) The battle of Persia.
(b) The battle for Euboea.
(c) The battle of Delphi.
(d) The battle of Chaeronaea.

5. What did Plutarch report to be Agesilaus' physical deformity?
(a) He had a lame hand.
(b) He was blind.
(c) He had one leg shorter than the other.
(d) He had only one eye.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Caesar's first step, according to Plutarch, when he was informed of Sylla's power being in decline?

2. What does Plutarch claim Aristotle provided that he considered, "...a perfect portable treasure of all military virtue and knowledge...."?

3. According to Plutarch, what eventually led to Alexander and his mother, Olympia, separating from Philip to become his rivals?

4. How did Plutarch compare Agesilaus and Pompey in their treatment of the men who supported their rise to power?

5. What did Plutarch report of Phocion's temperament?

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