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Rome - This is the central city of the empire that dominated Europe until 476 A.D. It was center of many of the lives Plutarch examines and existed as a Republic for 500 years before it became an empire.

Athens - This is the most important city of ancient Greece and is considered to be the birthplace of democracy.

Sparta - This is a powerful city-state in ancient Greece. Plutarch profiles several leaders from this city-state.

Egpyt - This is a region in North Africa ruled by the Ptolomy family of kings and the queen Cleopatra.

Achaea - This is a region of Greece made up of allied cities and islands that banded together to resist the rivals from another Greek city-state.

Persia - This is the Near Eastern region ruled by the kings Darius and Artaxerxes; it was conquered by Alexander.

Macedonia - This is a region...

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