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Connect the Lives

Connect the lives from Plutarch's book. Show how all the lives were connected with each other through relationships or events that are reported in the book. You can use historical figures that appeared in the book but were not profiled such as Sylla, Ptolemy, and Aristotle. Use circles with a figure's name in it and lines with the event or relationship written on it to show the relationship. Some figures might need more than one line connecting it with another figure.

The Review of the Roman Empire from 16th Century

Read "The Discourses" by Niccolo Machiavelli. Compare his details of what qualifies as a virtuous leader to the descriptions from Plutarch's lives. Identify the targets of his various criticisms of Ancient Rome. Compare the names of Roman leaders to what Plutarch wrote.

Create the Map of the Roman Empire

Review the battles that are described...

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