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Sertorius, Eumenes and The Comparison of Sertorius and Eumenes

• Plutarch characterizes Sertorius as a Roman nobleman who rose to the rank of general.

• Plutarch claims Sertorius's military rise came after defending Gaul against Cimbri and Teutones.

• Plutarch reviews the beginning of many civil wars for power by showing Sertorius gave his support to Cinna in his conflict with Octavius.

• Sertorius lost favor in Rome when Sylla came to power after Cinna overthrew Octavius with Sertorius' support, according to Plutarch.

• Plutarch reports that Sertorius was driven from Rome and became a mercenary defending those who were standing against the power of Rome.

• Sertorius was characterized by Plutarch as a firm and fair commander whose troops were

• known for discipline and virtue.

• Sertorius became the leader of the Spaniards and Plutarch shows how he outwitted Pompey.

• Sertorius created his own "senate" as a Roman government in exile according to Plutarch...

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