Objects & Places from Plum Island

Nelson Demille
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North Fork/Southold

This is where most of the plot is centered for the novel, as this is the location for John Corey's convalescence from his wounds.

Uncle Harry's House

This is an 1890s Victorian farmhouse on the Great Peconic Bay with a wrap-around porch; the house is painted cream with a green roof and trim.

Plum Island

This is the top secret biological research station located two miles off the tip of Orient Point.

Gordon Home

This is the murder site that brings John into the investigation.

Aluminum Ice Chest

This item is always on the Gordon boat, but is missing on the day of the murder.

Power Boats and Cabin Cruisers

These items are a part of scheme to remove Captain Kidd's treasure from the island.

Captain Kidd's Buried Treasure

This object has been located by Tobin as being on Plum Island, and the resulting scheme...

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