Daily Lessons for Teaching Plum Island

Nelson Demille
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-2)


(Chapter 1) Nelson DeMillle is the author of Plum Island. He has written several thriller novels, including a couple using other pen names. He is from Long Island and served in the military, in Vietnam, which has influenced his writings. He writes his novels longhand on legal paper with a number one pencil and spends a lot of time doing extensive research for each of his novels. This lesson will focus on the author of the novel, Nelson DeMille.


1. In class research: Introduce Nelson DeMille by sharing a few interesting facts about his life and by listing some of his other works on the board. Then instruct students to utilize the library to search out more biographical information on Nelson DeMille. They should look for specific about DeMille as it relates to the book, Plum Island, for example: what inspired him to write the book, or...

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