Plum Island Character Descriptions

Nelson Demille
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John Corey

This character begins the novel convalescing from three bullet wounds.

Frederic Tobin

This character has researched the Captain Kidd treasure lore for years and discovers the location of the treasure.

Detective Beth Penrose

This character is in her early thirties and is working on a career in law enforcement.

Tom and Judy Gordon

This character has been murdered before the first chapter begins.

Emma Whitestone

This character is the president of the local historical society.

Paul Stevens

This character is the Director of Security for the Plum Island Research Facility.

Ted Nash

This character is a member of the CIA.

Dr. Zollner

This character is a fat man with a German accent, who wears glasses and has a Vandyke beard.

Sylvestor Maxwell

This character is the laid-back Chief of Police of Southold.

Mrs. Wiley

This character is a descendant of one of the longtime residents of...

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