Plum Island Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nelson Demille
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Chapters 1-2

• John Corey is a NYPD homicide detective who is recuperating from a shooting at his Uncle Harry's house in North Fork on Long Island.

• John is relaxing on his porch when the local Police Chief, Max, comes to ask him to consult on a recent murder of some people John knows.

• John is reluctant, but decides to go with Max to the scene of the double murder of Tom and Judy Gordon, two scientists who worked on Plum Island.
• When John arrives at the scene and using his wealth of experience makes some useful observations about the scene including the idea that the Gordons were probably shot by someone they knew.

• John meets the detective assigned the case, an attractive woman, Detective Penrose, but remains aloof to her.

• John asks about an aluminum ice chest that the Gordons usually kept on their boat that appeared to...

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