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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lazar say his life is dull?
(a) He is retired.
(b) He is married with children.
(c) He lives in the suburbs.
(d) He hates his job.

2. Charleson tells Susan that Brock is perceived as __________.
(a) A risk taker.
(b) Slow.
(c) Cunning.
(d) Intellectual.

3. What does Brock ask Alice to get out of a drawer?
(a) Deck of cards.
(b) Stamps.
(c) Medication.
(d) Flashlight.

4. What is the topic of conversation between Susan and Charleson?
(a) Brock's potential for advancement.
(b) Brock's dangerous assignments.
(c) Brock's wardrobe allowance.
(d) Brock's mental health.

5. How does Susan say she got blood on her hands?
(a) She has a paper cut.
(b) She ripped a fingernail while peeling wallpaper.
(c) She cut herself while slicing bread.
(d) She broke a glass in the kitchen.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who takes over as Brock's superior after Darwin's death?

2. What does Susan suggest that they do with the house?

3. Who does Susan encounter in France?

4. The Frenchman says it is _____________ to hide your feelings.

5. Who is hosting the dinner party?

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