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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About what does Anna talk, after she and Dave are done with their activity?
(a) The future.
(b) The present.
(c) Tomorrow evening.
(d) The past.

2. What does Anna say about this?
(a) They will have a wonderful time tomorrow evening.
(b) It was so wonderful, and she is not sure if the future can compare.
(c) It may very well be in the shape of some nice American girl with a baby in her arms.
(d) It is tiresome, but it should improve.

3. What did these tendencies do?
(a) They worried the others in the group.
(b) They irritated the others in the group.
(c) They did nothing to the others in the group.
(d) They swayed the vision for the entire group.

4. How are Anna and Dave in terms of what they want?
(a) They are united.
(b) They are complete opposites.
(c) They are similar.
(d) They are very different.

5. Of what does Dave's regression take the form?
(a) His life as a young man in Miami.
(b) His college days in New York.
(c) A scenario on the streets of Chicago.
(d) A scenario on the beach in Los Angeles.

6. What do Anna and Dave explore?
(a) Their true feelings.
(b) The comfort of their friendship.
(c) The house.
(d) The sounds outside the flat.

7. What tendencies does this person have?
(a) Socialist and anarchist tendencies.
(b) Democratic tendencies.
(c) Military-like tendencies.
(d) Kind and motherly tendencies.

8. Anna does this before what can happen?
(a) She falls out the window.
(b) She can fall back in love with him.
(c) It leaves dirt on her couch.
(d) It leaps off the bed and out into the street.

9. Onto what does the creature jump?
(a) Anna's chair.
(b) Anna's couch.
(c) Anna's bed.
(d) Anna's windowsill.

10. What can you easily understand about Anna's feelings for Dave?
(a) Why she is irritated by Dave.
(b) Why she hopes he will marry Janet.
(c) Why she is drawn to Dave over all the other men who surround her.
(d) Why she is in love with him and wants to marry him.

11. What does Anna hear?
(a) Neighbors getting off the bus.
(b) A parade of people.
(c) His trainers approach.
(d) Someone calling the dog's name.

12. What does this creature drown out?
(a) Anna's grief.
(b) The turmoil in Anna's mind.
(c) The traffic noise outside.
(d) Anna's fears.

13. Where are Anna and Dave doing this?
(a) On the floor.
(b) On the couch.
(c) In the bed.
(d) From separate chairs.

14. How do Anna and Dave hope and strive for this?
(a) By ignoring their feelings.
(b) By pretending they have what they want.
(c) By being with others like themselves.
(d) By eliminating all the emotional walls around them.

15. What had Dave initially done with this person's idea?
(a) He accepted it.
(b) He forgot it.
(c) He rejected it.
(d) He ignored it.

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom does she pretend to speak?

2. What does Anna want to be?

3. How does Anna speak?

4. How does the second act open?

5. Who was the leader in Dave's visions?

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