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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what was this person the leader?
(a) The fraternity.
(b) The household.
(c) The relationship.
(d) Neighborhood gangs.

2. With whom is Dave in this regression?
(a) His fraternity brothers.
(b) His friends.
(c) His family.
(d) His wife.

3. What does the creature suddenly do?
(a) He falls asleep.
(b) It lashes out at Anna.
(c) It leaves.
(d) She laughs at Anna?

4. What did Anna do to this creature in this vision?
(a) She ignores him.
(b) She puts a leash on it.
(c) She pets it.
(d) She embraces her.

5. How does Anna feel now?
(a) Anxious.
(b) Energized.
(c) Weary.
(d) Content.

6. What does Anna believe being a housewife entails?
(a) Unending work and no joy.
(b) Being loved.
(c) Being cared for and protected.
(d) Having many children.

7. What had Dave initially done with this person's idea?
(a) He ignored it.
(b) He forgot it.
(c) He accepted it.
(d) He rejected it.

8. How are Anna and Dave in terms of what they want?
(a) They are similar.
(b) They are very different.
(c) They are united.
(d) They are complete opposites.

9. What were Dave and the others now able to do?
(a) Enjoy life.
(b) Leave Chicago.
(c) Negotiate their world.
(d) Be good fathers.

10. How does Dave feel about kids today?
(a) He wants one.
(b) He wishes he was one of them.
(c) He loves them.
(d) He feels bad for them.

11. About what does Anna talk, after she and Dave are done with their activity?
(a) The future.
(b) Tomorrow evening.
(c) The present.
(d) The past.

12. What does Anna say is ironic?
(a) Dave does not want to marry Janet, but he will marry her anyway.
(b) She and Dave do not want to love, yet they love each other.
(c) She and Dave look for a tiger and monster and resplendent human beings.
(d) She thinks she is independent but feels trapped.

13. What does Anna say the future sometimes looks like?
(a) A girl from Philadelphia.
(b) A tiger.
(c) Her home.
(d) A flower.

14. What are Anna and Dave doing?
(a) Sleeping.
(b) Ignoring each other.
(c) Sitting.
(d) Watching television.

15. What do Dave and the others seem to want to be?
(a) Famous gangsters from the 1930s.
(b) Wealthy businessmen.
(c) Safe.
(d) Good husbands.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened once when Anna did this?

2. Of what does Dave's regression take the form?

3. What tendencies does this person have?

4. How does the creature react?

5. What do they have with them?

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