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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Anna do to this creature in this vision?
(a) She puts a leash on it.
(b) She pets it.
(c) She embraces her.
(d) She ignores him.

2. What do Anna and Dave explore?
(a) The house.
(b) The sounds outside the flat.
(c) Their true feelings.
(d) The comfort of their friendship.

3. What does Anna say is ironic?
(a) She thinks she is independent but feels trapped.
(b) Dave does not want to marry Janet, but he will marry her anyway.
(c) She and Dave look for a tiger and monster and resplendent human beings.
(d) She and Dave do not want to love, yet they love each other.

4. How does Anna feel about being a housewife?
(a) Happy.
(b) Trapped.
(c) Comfortable.
(d) Secure.

5. How do Dave and Anna do this exploration?
(a) As if they are children again.
(b) By walking around the house.
(c) By talking about their lives.
(d) By sitting and listening silently.

6. What has happened to Anna?
(a) She is crying.
(b) She is bleeding.
(c) She is ashamed.
(d) She is irritated.

7. Of what was this person the leader?
(a) The relationship.
(b) The household.
(c) Neighborhood gangs.
(d) The fraternity.

8. What does Anna want to be?
(a) Fearless and powerful.
(b) Alone.
(c) Happy.
(d) Married.

9. In this vision, what did Anna draw to her?
(a) Her husband.
(b) The tiger.
(c) A dog.
(d) Mary.

10. Where are Anna and Dave doing this?
(a) On the floor.
(b) From separate chairs.
(c) In the bed.
(d) On the couch.

11. What does Anna say the future sometimes looks like?
(a) A tiger.
(b) A flower.
(c) Her home.
(d) A girl from Philadelphia.

12. How does the creature react?
(a) It purrs.
(b) He leaves her.
(c) It barks.
(d) She embraces her back.

13. What did these tendencies do?
(a) They swayed the vision for the entire group.
(b) They did nothing to the others in the group.
(c) They worried the others in the group.
(d) They irritated the others in the group.

14. Why does she hesitate?
(a) Because she is afraid she will not be protected.
(b) Because of the probable injury to her emotions and her psyche.
(c) Because she has never been happy.
(d) Because marriage is very difficult.

15. For what is Anna not prepared during this scenario?
(a) To not love the men she tries to control.
(b) To relate to it completely and fails to a degree when the tiger lashes out at her, leaving her bleeding and scarred.
(c) To actually be alone.
(d) To trust her son wants her love.

Short Answer Questions

1. Into what does the pair naturally fall?

2. What does Anna hear?

3. During Anna and Dave's exercise, what is revealed about his beliefs?

4. To whom does she pretend to speak?

5. What does the creature suddenly do?

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