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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Anna do to make a living?
(a) She is a freelance writer.
(b) She is a teacher.
(c) She is a chef.
(d) She is a musician.

2. What does Dave urge Anna to not do?
(a) Worry about Janet.
(b) Leave him.
(c) Talk about Janet.
(d) Shut anything out.

3. What does Anna predict about Dave?
(a) He will be happy.
(b) He will ulitmately end up like no other man she knows.
(c) He will ultimately end up like all the other men she knows.
(d) He will ultimately leave her.

4. Who is the author of PLAY WITH A TIGER?
(a) Danielle Lawrence.
(b) Dana Lucas.
(c) Deloris Leonard.
(d) Doris Lessing.

5. What is the one exception regarding Tom's comment to Harry?
(a) The extramarital affairs.
(b) Helen does not want to see Harry.
(c) Anna does not love Harry.
(d) Harry is not as much a fool as Tom.

6. What does Janet announce?
(a) She does not love Dave.
(b) She is breaking up with Dave.
(c) She is going to become pregnant with Dave's child.
(d) She is five months pregnant.

7. Why does Mary leave?
(a) The doorbell rings.
(b) She must go finish her laundry.
(c) The phone rings.
(d) She is upset with Tom.

8. Why is Anna repelled?
(a) Tom has accepted a position as a business manager for a women's magazine.
(b) Dave is very needy and would not allow her much freedom.
(c) Janet is a very noisy neighbor and makes it difficult for Anna to concentrate when she is working.
(d) Mary is always coming over to borrow cooking supplies from Anna.

9. What happens after Dave finally wears down Anna's resistance?
(a) The two sit on opposite sides of the room and ignore each other.
(b) The two sit close on the floor to discuss the situation.
(c) The two sit on the couch to think.
(d) The two glare at one another.

10. Why does Harry say this to Tom?
(a) Tom is too conventional for her.
(b) Tom is unkind.
(c) Tom does not understand Anna.
(d) Tom deserves some hope in his life.

11. How is Tom correct in his comment to Harry?
(a) Harry is a fool.
(b) Harry is in love with Anna.
(c) Harry has a very conventional job and lifestyle.
(d) Harry should go see his wife.

12. Why is Anna clearly distraught?
(a) She has a lot to do the next day.
(b) She has broken her engagement to Tom.
(c) It is late at night.
(d) She is tired of all the visitors.

13. What does Anna's cool demeanor do to Dave?
(a) It does not bother him.
(b) It annoys him.
(c) It slightly irritates him.
(d) It infuriates him.

14. What does this person implore Anna to do?
(a) Explain why she no longer wants to be his wife.
(b) Explain why they are no longer friends.
(c) Explain why she no longer wants to marry him.
(d) Explain why they are no longer neighbors.

15. Why else is Anna distraught?
(a) She realizes that no one really cares for her.
(b) She realizes she has two men in love with her.
(c) She realizes that any long-term commitment from Dave is not possible either.
(d) She realizes that Janet will hurt Dave.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anna tell Tom regarding his last comment about her future?

2. To whom is Harry married?

3. What does Anna do when Harry invites her to go out for a few drinks?

4. While Harry waits for Mary to get ready to go out, what does Harry tell Tom?

5. Why does Anna respond to this person this way about his invitation?

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