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1950s London

Research life in London in the 1950s. Present your findings to the class in a five-minute presentation.

1950s Music

Listen to examples of music from the 1950s. Compare this music to music today in a short essay.

1950s Art

Study examples of art from the 1950s. Use these works as inspiration for your own work.

1950s Dance

Bring in a dance instructor to teach an introductory lesson in a 1950s dance style, such as the Twist, Stroll, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, or Cha Cha.

Plays from the 1950s

Research another play from the same time period as PLAY WITH A TIGER. Create a Venn diagram comparing these two plays. Use your Venn diagram to write a short essay comparing these two plays.

Scene It

Working with a small group, choose a scene from this play, rehearse it, and perform it for the class.

Live Production

Watch a...

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