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Short Answer Questions

1. In Voyagers of the West, what are the settlers becoming?

2. Which of the following is not a linguistic strategy employed in fiction to engage the serious consequences of blacks as an economy of stereotype as listed by Morrison?

3. What group of America's population offers itself up as a surrogate, in Morrison's point of view?

4. What is the race of the character in The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym?

5. Which group does Morrison say responds to culture the most?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Morrison, what does Poe's work show?

2. How does Morrison describe the Africanist persona?

3. Describe To Have and Have Not.

4. What is Morrison's deliberation entirely about?

5. What does William Carlos Williams's Adam describe?

6. What characteristics does Morrison describe as being the distinguishing features of non-Americans?

7. Why does Morrison suggest that Dunbar's finer sensibilities have been dulled?

8. Describe Catherine's desires in The Garden of Eden. What does this point out?

9. What is the significance of nurses in Hemingway's work?

10. From Morrison's point of view, how do writers see whiteness?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

According to Morrison, what are literary whiteness and literary blackness? What are the consequences of literary whiteness and blackness? How were literary whiteness and blackness created? How does Morrison avoid these two concepts?

Essay Topic 2

Morrison claims that ignoring race in literature is a racist act in itself. Why is this true or untrue? Point out at least two of her arguments and provide support for them and criticize them.

Essay Topic 3

According to Morrison, what do most studies of racism focus on? What does Morrison wish they would examine? Why? Do you agree with her? Identify and give examples of the terms racial hierarchy, racial exclusion, racial vulnerability, and racial availability.

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