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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cardinal's first therapy realization concern?

2. What book discusses certain kinds of readings that seem inextricable from certain experiences of writing and knowledge?

3. Who does Morrison attribute as being the most sensitive type of artist?

4. What does Morrison's work require her to consider?

5. Who is the second author Morrison mentions as including black references in his or her work?

Short Essay Questions

1. What matters seem to challenge most as a writer and what effect does this have on her?

2. What is the book Playing in the Dark based on?

3. What does Morrison say about Africanism worldwide?

4. Describe The Words to Say It and its subject matter.

5. Describe Morrison's statement that the subject of the dream is the dreamer.

6. How does Morrison describe references to the novel Sapphira and the Slave Girl?

7. How does Morrison view other writers?

8. According to Morrison, what does a black woman represent to literature but not to herself?

9. Describe the character Sapphira and her motives.

10. What are Morrison's intentions in studying Africanism?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Morrison claims that ignoring race in literature is a racist act in itself. Why is this true or untrue? Point out at least two of her arguments and provide support for them and criticize them.

Essay Topic 2

According to Morrison, reading and writing are not very distinct for a writer, and they both require alertness and awareness of the writer's notions of risk and safety. Writers also fight for meaning and responsibility. Describe what Morrison means by this. Do you think she is right? Give an example of what Morrison means.

Essay Topic 3

How does Bernard Bailyn's Voyagers of the West investigate the way European settlers become Americans? What does the character William Dunbar show and represent? What does Morrison think of this work and the character?

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