Objects & Places from Playing for the Ashes

Elizabeth George
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Inspector Lynley leaves this at the bedside of his lover.

Cigarette and Matches

Ardery believes there were used as a rudimentary ignition device that the killer used to ensure the fire would start, but not until he/she was far enough away to escape injury.


The fire at Celandine Cottage was begun here in the dining room of the home.


The investigators cannot locate these when they begin their investigation, suggesting the killer released them from the home.


Jimmy Fleming requires these but dislikes wearing them.


Havers buys one that is delivered to the wrong home, leading Havers to meet her neighbors for the first time after four months.


Oil found near Celandine Cottage is matched to the oil from this, proving that Jimmy was at the cottage the night his father died.

Doc Martens

Footprints from this type of shoes are...

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