Playing for the Ashes Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Elizabeth George
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Essay Topic 1

In what does Olivia's relationship with Chris parallel her mother's relationship with Kenneth? What does this parallel say about the relationship between mother and daughter?

Essay Topic 2

What was Miriam's relationship with Kenneth Fleming? Why was she so interested in helping him? How did her relationship with Kenneth effect her relationship with her daughter Olivia?

Essay Topic 3

How has Jean and Kenneth's difficult marriage effect Jimmy? Why does their relationship make it easy to believe Jimmy's confession of murder?

Essay Topic 4

Examine the following people and their potential motive for murdering Kenneth.

1. Olivia.

2. Jean.

3. Hugh Patton.

4. Jimmy.

How does Lynley cross them off his list and use the information they give him to find the real killer?

Essay Topic 5

Why is Olivia's past so important to the story? In what way does it soften how the reader feels about the murderer?

Essay Topic 6

What are Inspector...

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